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1. Florence + The Machine. By Kirsty Fletcher. 2. IMAGE. Florence Welchs music has been described as a combination of multiple genres including,soul and rock . BBC introducing played a big part in her rise to fame by promoting her at any given opportunity.Welch has a very unique style and look to her for example she hasginger hairandpale skinnot the stereotypical mainstream artist look. She is well known for herexpressive approach to fashion ,unique singing voiceandeccentric personality . Each of these factors play a big part in her brand image as she is very one of a kind and her music and image is veryrecognizable . 3. ALBUM COVERS. All three of these CD covers use the same handwritten font and dark background which seems to be part of their brand image so the covers are recognizable to the band. In each cover Florence is looking away from the camera which seems to be a recognized pose in most posters and CD covers she features on. 4. VIDEO STILLS.

  • These three stills are taken from the videos for Cosmic Love, Rabbit Heart and Youve Got The Love. Even though these are different videos they do carry some of the same characteristics which are part of Florences brand image.
  • Each video is based on an outdoor setting whether it be in a garden or supposed to be in the sky, they all have the same setting idea.
  • They each have an element of magic and the mise en scene in all images is quirky and unusual, e.g. the Alice in wonderland style dinner party, the falling star in the forest and the sparkly half moon.
  • They all involve her throughout, singing and performing, rather than having other actors do her job for her.

5. BRAND IMAGE. I think brand image is important for all artists and bands for many reasons. Brand images set many artists apart from all the rest and can give them a unique,recognisablestyle which can help attract fans. It will also help the star becomememorableto people which is helpful for them as they will hopefully gain a bigger fan base.Certain characteristics and ideas will be linked back to a certain artist due to their well known brand image and could help their popularity rise. 6. BRAND IMAGE. I think Florence has kept her brand image the same throughout her career because she already had a very distinguishable and unique image to set her apart from most people in the music business.Many people recognise her for her quirky fashion sense, singing voice and overall image so there would be no point trying to make a new image for herself when she is already well known and recognisable to most people.