Brainstorming a kickass startup idea by GW Entrepreneurs

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The GW Entrepreneurs' Trever Faden shares his scientific method to brainstorming a kickass startup idea using the wisdom of Paul Graham, Y Combinator, and Clay Christensen. Learn More at: or

Transcript of Brainstorming a kickass startup idea by GW Entrepreneurs

  • 1. Coming up with akickass idea GW

2. To come up with startup ideas The way to get startup ideas is not to try to think of startup ideas. Its to look for problems, preferably problems you have yourself.-Paul grahamFurther reading: How to Get startup ideas 3. IDEation process IDentify topicCIscover marketexamine jTBDAPply pro/contHink solutions! identify metricsoPen expeirmentationnEgotiate results 4. 30 Problems worth solving By y-combinator1. A cure for the disease of which the RIAA is a symptom.2. Simplified browsing. The web for grandparents and children3. New news. Blogs? crowdsourced? Reddit & Hacker News?4. Outsourced IT. Wofoo, Amazon Web Services, Google TagManager...5. Enterprise software 2.0. SMB Technology6. More variants of cRM. Salesforce, Pipedrive, Trello...7. Something your company needs that doesnt exist. Wed payfor X to make our lives easier8. dating. chicken Egg Problem: Sites w/ less people = bettermatches, but a smaller # of matches...9. Photo/video sharing services. Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat,Flickr, deviantArt...2.010. Auctions. Ebay 2.0 5. 30 Problems worth solving By y-combinator11. Web Office apps. compete with Microsoft Office...Google Cocs?12. Fix advertising. Engaging ads that provide value add to theviewer + advertiser?13. Online learning. 2U, coursera, Skillshare...14. Tools for measurement. Identify most productive units(people, departments, projects) in the organization15. Off the shelf security. AdT competitor? Smart House?16. A form of search that depends on design. Search + design =Advantage over google17. New payment methods. Square? Bitcoins? Nfc?18. The WebOS. chromeOS19. Application and/or data hosting.20. Shopping guides. Identifying what you want..not just thecheapest place to find it 6. 30 Problems worth solvingBy y-combinator21. Finance software for individuals and small businesses. Intuit 2.0 ,indinero...22. A web-based Excel/database hybrid. Robust spreadsheet asdatabase...intuitive database creation with integrations23. More open alternatives to Wikipedia. Wikipedia = wide...what aboutdeep?24. A buffer against bad customer service. User-friendly wrapperaround customer service...user end!25. A Craigslist competitor. craigslist as a good business!26. Better video chat. Skype 2.0! Rabbit?27. Hardware/software hybrids. Software driven hardware solutions.See Meraki! Sold for $1.2 billion!!!28. Fixing email overload. Inbox as to-do list + Too many emails. MailboxApp? Mailplane29. Easy site builders for specific markets. Niche intuitive web builders.Wix or Weebly or for restaurants, hair salons, etc...30. Startups for startups. Yc, Techcrunch, Elastic Sales! 7. Identify a topic Pick APassion or pain point 8. Discover marketwhocurrently solves theProblem?List them! 9. Examine job to be doneidentify The jobcustomersAre trying to have solvedTalk to users of a currentsolution if necessary 10. Apply pro/con What featuresDo current products havethat makes them SolutionsTo the JTBD? 11. Think solutions!What featuresWould make abetter solutionTo the JTBD? 12. Identify metricsWhat would you trackTo see if you better solve To theJTBD? 13. Open experimentationAsk potential customers... Landing page + ads...Market research 14. Negotiate resultsTrack customer reception Adjust for what works Drop what does notIterate...