Braided bird ornament

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Page 1: Braided bird ornament
Page 2: Braided bird ornament

Requirements• 2 x 2 inch strips and 1 x 2 inch strip, cut across the

width of a fat quarter

• Co-ordinating stranded cottons

• Cotton sewing thread

• Long needle and pin/s

• Small pliers – optional (but very useful)

• Buttons (2 holed) – 1 for hanger, 2 heart buttons for beak, 4 small heart buttons for feet, 2 for eyes

• Hanging thread or ribbon

Page 3: Braided bird ornament

Fold 2 inch strips in half lengthways and press.

Page 4: Braided bird ornament

Open strips and fold outer edges in to meet centre crease.

Do this for both edges.

Page 5: Braided bird ornament

Repeat for 3 strips. Press.

Page 6: Braided bird ornament

Fold 3 strips in half again and press.

Page 7: Braided bird ornament

This next step requires another

pair of hands


anchor the 3 ends firmly to a table top or surface

with tape


Hold firmly in a fixed position

Page 8: Braided bird ornament

With your helper holding the ends


with ends held firmly in place,

Plait or Braid the three fabric strips together tightly.

Page 9: Braided bird ornament

...right to the other end.

Hold ends tightly.

Page 10: Braided bird ornament

Using the stranded cotton, tie both ends very tightly to hold in place.

Tie one end ¼ in from the white selvage edges. Tie the other approx an 1 1/2in from the end.

Page 11: Braided bird ornament

Trim selvage ends only

to within ¼ inch of tied end.

Page 12: Braided bird ornament

Starting at the trimmed end, roll braid tightly on a flat surface using a long pin to hold in

place as you go...

Page 13: Braided bird ornament

..until it is completely rolled to

‘un-trimmed’ end. Do not trim.

Page 14: Braided bird ornament

Hold in place with a long pin and using a long needle stitch all braids together until they are firm.

A small pair of long nose pliers are a great help to feed needle through tight fabric layers.

Page 15: Braided bird ornament

Next, take the ‘beak’ heart buttons and using stranded thread, stitch together, ending with both threads coming through, in between the

top centre of buttons. Leave ends of thread attached.(If you’d rather not fiddle this way, simply glue buttons together and

glue beak to body instead.)

Page 16: Braided bird ornament

Stitch and hold (heart) beak in position as shown. Stitch and tuck away ends, so

they cannot be seen.

Glue beak in position if preferred or add for

extra hold after stitching.


Stitch hanging thread through top of top

braid. Bring both ends through.

Page 17: Braided bird ornament

Using the hanger button, thread the hanging thread or ribbon through the 2 button holes. Tie a knot at the button and tie at top to your chosen hanging length.

Page 18: Braided bird ornament

The next step is attaching the legs and feet.Using 2 strands of thread, stitch through bottom braid

once only and tie a knot, 1 inch from body on both ends

Page 19: Braided bird ornament

Open leg threads out...

Page 20: Braided bird ornament

..and feed 2 small heart buttons onto both strands for each leg, as shown. Tie off directly under buttons for

each leg and slip legs through body to position.

Page 21: Braided bird ornament

Attach eye buttons with glue or thread.Trim and snip tail feathers to chosen lengths and your little Braided Birdie is complete! Enjoy

Page 22: Braided bird ornament

Use this tute as a guide.. and with your own imagination and the different materials you have

on hand... make your own unique little bird ornament.

Each one will be different.

(My little bird has a painted eye presently as I haven’t yet found exactly what I need.)

I’m sure this idea will change and improve the more we make. I also think this little guy would

be fun made with scraps. Have fun!!!

Robyn xx