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Brad Sherman comes through for the Valley. Here are a few of Brad’s accomplishments asa member of Congress:• Reform Wall Street by cracking down on those who created the financial crisis andbreaking up banks that are “too big to fail.”• Oppose unfair trade deals that ship Valley jobs overseas.• Protect home values in the Valley by increasing the “conforming loan limit” in areas likethe Valley where home prices are above the national average and to stop predatorymortgage lenders and prevent foreclosures.• Expand the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and stop the massiveAhmanson Ranch development.• Speed up construction of extra lanes to the 405 and the 5 freeways to help relieve traffic congestion.• Protect consumers by passing the Credit Card Holders Bill of Rights.• Improve recreation in the Sepulveda Basin.• Make student loans more affordable by reducing interest rates.• Work to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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