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  • 1. End Game for the 111th Congress: Prospects for Post-Election Session and Beyond
    Policy and Programs Committee
    October 4, 2010
    Brad Penney
    Director of Government Relations
  • 2. Demise of climate legislation and slim prospects for energy bills
    • Reid announcement in early July that comprehensive energy & climate legislation would not be considered this year;
    • 3. Partisan gridlock & pending mid-term elections; WH did not press the issue;
    • 4. Earlier shift in Alliance messaging to stress urgency of passing an energy bill this year with RES/EERS; codes; appliance standards and other key provisions;
    Alliance advocacy for energy bill priorities in July and early August;
    Introduction in July of the oil spill bill by Senator Reid --- (S.3663) Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act of 2010
  • 5. At least three weeks for lame duck possibly longer;
    Implementation of National Consensus Agreements (appliances)
    Bi-partisan RES bill (S. 3813), requiring utilities to generate 15% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2021 (up to of the requirement can be met by EE);
    27 co-sponsors, but questionable whether 60
    votes are there;
    Bill is identical to the ACELA RES
    Reid wants no amendments;
    Graham alternative bill has nuclear and clean coal provisions;
    Crowded agenda for lame duck session floor time is a problem.
    Outlook for Post-Election session: RES bill + standards
  • 6. Other Lame Duck Candidates for Floor Action
    • Rockefeller bill (S. 3072) delays EPA regulation of stationary sources for two years (not vehicles)
    • 7. Reid bill on natural gas vehicles and electric vehicles (S.3815);
    • 8. Tax bill/extenders;
    Bingaman & Snowe energy efficiency tax bill (S. 3935)
    Bingaman wants new DOE loan guarantee program;
    Extension of clean energy manufacturing tax credit
  • 9. Home Star Current Status
    • $5 billion grant program passed in May
    • 10. MTR stripped out loan program
    • 11. $5 billion loan program passed House with Rural Star Bill in September
    • 12. Two House-passed bills present two options for the Senate.
    • $5 billion grant program included in Reids Oil Spill Bill
    • 13. Not passed
    • 14. Bingaman RES doesnt include Home Star
    • 15. Lame Duck?