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  • 1. (Brad Pitt)-How many boyfriends did youhave in your past? (Angelina Jolie) -

2. (Brad Pitt) -How was your relationship withyour parents? (Angelina Jolie) - 3. (Angelina Jolie) What dreams you have whenyou were a child? ( Brad Pitt) 4. (Angelina Jolie) What is your favoritecountry? (Brad Pitt) 5. How do you feel married? 6. Do you want more children? 7. How many years you startedworking? 8. (Brad Pitt) -How longhave you dedicated to bean actress? (Angelina jolie) - 9. (Angelina jolie) -How old were you when youthought you wanted to be an actor? (Brad Pit) - 10. (Brad Pitt) -Do you have siblings? (angelina jolie) - 11. (Angelina Jolie) -how long do you think beingan actor?(Brad Pitt) -I10 years later