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  • 1. Twitter: @BradleyJLittle The Value of Social Media Getting Down to Business September 15, 2010
  • 2. Advancing Social Media Intelligence Jointly owned by Nielsen and McKinsey; co-developing unique software, metrics, and analytic services Trusted Data Market leader in enterprise social Metrics & KPIs Insights media monitoring/analytics (Source: Forrester) Dataset: Billions of social media conversations per year across 145 million blogs, message boards and social networks Strategic Consulting Process and Organization Global: 13 markets now ; 20 by EOY Digital Marketing 2010; over 150 clients globally Quality is highest in the industry (source: Microsoft) Proprietary technology for analyzing social media
  • 3. Built to deliver trusted insightsWorlds largest content reservoir Slice wisely for relevant, actionable insights Social Analytics Networks Relevance Proprietary Data Local, full- time researchers Blogs Boards Groups Harvesting Cleaning Control the harvest to ensure quality inputs Filter the noise to focus on what matters 3
  • 4. What do we deliver? Client Dashboard Tools & API Analyst Research Reports & Strategic Services Use It For: Use It For: At a glance brand metrics Longitudinal brand tracking Self-service brand monitoring Adjusting key launches, events Analyst-Grade research tool Deeper, brand Insights Integration with other Informing strategy applications All of the above supported by our local Social Media Analysts and/or Digital Strategic Services Consultants
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  • 6. The new purchase funnel Expression 6
  • 7. Abundance of buzz sources Social media (buzz) refers to public, online conversations More than 2/3 of Globally consumers global consumers 41% of Facebook spend 6 hours a use online product users in MENA are month on Facebook reviews to make over 30 years old purchase decisions More than 60% of >35% of consumers consumers have rely on peer visited a recommendations consumer-driven and WOM to make website purchase decisionsSOURCE: Nielsen 7
  • 8. Increasingly relevant for brands This product made my hair frizzy, dry and I love this shampoo. I went through a phase worst of all, led to...HAIR LOSS! Totally not in my life where I dyed my hair every color worth it. I will go back to my old shampoo under the sun. This caused my hair to and conditioner. become dry and damaged. No matter what product I used nothing helped. Then this beauty came into my life and my hair is wonderful! I suggest this to anyone with of online discussion dryness, split ends, or frizz. 26% mentions brandsSOURCE: NM Incite 8
  • 9. Amplified impact on businessCase example: TV buzz (US) 9
  • 10. Social media drives intent Net sentiment and change in purchase intent from buzz exposure (case example) Large increase in intent A Brand A had a 15% Difference in lift in purchase intent B intent vs. 3% for Brand E between exposed and control E D No increase C in intent Net sentiment Less positive buzz More positive buzzSOURCE: NM Incite 10
  • 11. and influences sales Online word-of-mouth influence on purchases (European example) Percent of sales influenced Electronics and computer equipment Beauty care and clothes Word-of-mouth is the primary factor behind Finance products/services of all purchasing decisions Telecom services Travel & EntertainmentSOURCE: McKinsey 11
  • 12. Impact spans beyond marketing and sales Measurable impact of using social media and other web 2.0 technologies Percent of companies Increasing marketing effectiveness (e.g., awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty) Increasing customer satisfaction Reducing marketing costs Reducing customer support costs Reducing travel costs Increasing revenue Reducing time to market for products/services Increasing number of successful product/service innovationsSOURCE: McKinsey Global Institute 12
  • 13. 13
  • 14. Challenges to social media strategy 14
  • 15. Relevance: buzz can be messy What people tweet of tweets have ~50% useless information ...but cutting through this messiness is where the value an