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This is a short photo essay of BHS.

Transcript of Bourne High School

  • BHS A&B Wings from outsideBHS A&B Wings from outsideBHS Art Dept.BHS Art Dept.BHS CafeBHS CafeBHS D-Wing areaBHS D-Wing areaBHS Floating StaircaseBHS Floating StaircaseBHS GuidanceBHS GuidanceBHS Library-Media CenterBHS Main EntranceBHS Student EntranceBHS Student Entrance2BHS Student ServicesBHS Woodshop areafootball and cheerleading 016football and cheerleading 115Main Office EntranceMain Office WindowMain OfficeNew ImageOctober 1 017October 1 022October 1 025October 1 043October 1 055October 26 206October 26 244september 22 049september 22 060september 22 085september 22 098september 22 113september 22 126xc1xc2xc3xc4