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  • 1. Burgas, Bulgaria Third meeting, 02,04.06.2014 Todorov, MBA, MPA

2. ICLEI European Secretariat 2006 2 ICLEI in Europe Local Governments for Sustainability Venelin Todorov Member of Executive Committee, 2006- 2010 3. ICLEI European Secretariat 20063 History ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability Founded at United Nations New York, 1990 Under sponsorship by UNEP, IULA, Center for Innovative Diplomacy 200+ local governments ICLEI - international environmental agency for local governments. Rio 1992, Chapter 28 LA21 Joburg 2002, Joburg Call, PoI, LG Declaration, LGS Freiburg, Germany 1992 4. ICLEI European Secretariat 20064 Mission To build and serve a worldwide movement of local governments to achieve tangible improvements in global sustainability with special focus on environmental conditions through cumulative local actions 5. ICLEI European Secretariat 20065 Functions An association of local governments dedicated to sustainable development; A movement of cities, towns, counties and their associations accelerating sustainable development through local action; A sustainable development agency for local governments. 6. ICLEI European Secretariat 20066 ICLEI - The Association ICLEI in Europe: 197 European members 170 European Local governments; 9 Associations of Local governments; 18 associated members (individuals, organisations) 34 European countries 55,64 mio Europeans 14 cities> 1 mio 85 cities >100.000 Smallest member: Tingvoll, Norway (3200); Some regions, provinces in Italy, Spain, Brussels 7. ICLEI European Secretariat 20067 ICLEI- The Association 14 171 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 associate members (Europe) full members (Europe) Membership development in Europe: 8. ICLEI European Secretariat 20068 ICLEI - The Association 6 3 5 2 9 18 1 3 5 2 2 13 5 2 17 1 1 3 3 22 5 14 1 4 1 1 2 2 1 1 3 1 United Kingdom Ukraine Turkey Switzerland Sweden Spain Slovak Republic Serbia and Montenegro Romania Portugal Poland Norway Netherlands Latvia Italy Ireland Iceland Hungary Greece Germany France Finland Estonia Denmark Czech Republic Cyprus Croatia Bulgaria Bosnia-Herzegovina Belgium Austria Armenia Membership per country: 9. ICLEI European Secretariat 20069 ICLEI - The Association Council Executive Committee Secretary General ICLEI European Members 2006-2009 Venelin Todorov, Bourgas Margit Vestbjerg, Kolding Emilio dAlessio, Ancona Imma Mayol, Barcelona Dieter Salomon, Freiburg Organisational bodies: 10. ICLEI European Secretariat 200610 ICLEI - The Association Dieter Salomon Freiburg Emilio dAlessio Ancona Margit Vestbjerg Kolding Imma Mayol Barcelona Venedin Todorov Bourgas Elected European Executive Committee Members: 11. ICLEI European Secretariat 200611 Strategic relationships United Nations Development Programme UN Commission on Sustainable Developmen t UCLG - Council of European Municipalities and Regions UN Framework Convention on Climate Change United Nations Centre for Human Settlements HABITAT EEHC REC EU ICLEI ICLEI - The Association 12. ICLEI European Secretariat 200612 ICLEI activities Campaigns, programmes, projects, research & piloting, training & consulting, events & networks, tools, publications & information, advocacy ICLEICitiesCities Other institutions, organisations movement exchange ICLEI - The Movement 13. ICLEI European Secretariat 200613 ICLEI - The Movement Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002 ICLEI Council 2003 & 2006 =>Strategic Plan 2004-2009 & 2006-2012 14. ICLEI European Secretariat 200614 ICLEI Viable local economies Just & peaceful communities Eco-efficient cities Resilient communities Urban Governance Sustainability Management Sustainable Procurement Climate & air Water Soil & food Biodiversity Health Creating Sustainable Communities & Cities Protecting Global Common Goods Securing unwavering Implementation A Sustainable City 15. ICLEI European Secretariat 200615 ICLEI - The Movement Increase participation from your citizens! Urban Governance & LA21 Mainstream & anchor LA21 in everyday decision-making Integrate governance and government Use LA21 principles & method to remove barriers, e.g. demographic change, social exclusion, vulnerability, risk Research success factors & transfer to general practice Establish mechanisms & instruments for assessment of progress 16. ICLEI European Secretariat 200616 Manage your natural and human resources as a routine! Sustainability Management & Applying tools & instruments: Unwavering implementation: Municipal management that routinely & systematically factors environmental, social, economic concerns into municipal decision-making. Integrate governance and government. Support transition to eco-efficient, sustainable cities. Support capacity building of local governments. Research & pilot implement innovative management instruments. ICLEI - The Movement 17. ICLEI European Secretariat 200617 Manage your taxpayers income in a sustainable manner! Sustainable Procurement: Procura+ Campaign launched 2004. Kolding, Chair, Barcelona, Vice-Chair Procura+ Manual available in English and Spanish 12 national partners (consultancy firms, and NGOs) 30 local governments participating in the Campaign ICLEI - The Movement 18. ICLEI European Secretariat 200618 Protect, preserve and save your water resources! Support the implementation of the MDGs in the framework of the European Water Initiative Cooperation with developing countries especially in Africa Support sustainable water management based on the European Framework Directive ICLEI - The Movement ICLEIs Water Campaign: 19. ICLEI European Secretariat 200619 Protect and preserve our climate and air ! ICLEIs Cities for Climate Protection Campaign European reinforced CCP framework/method: local strategies to reduce green house gas emissions Enhance existing & launch new campaigns with national partners Co-operation with Local Governments via internet-based training and reporting tools develop & implement innovative projects on air quality, transport, renewable energies ICLEI - The Movement 20. ICLEI European Secretariat 200620 ICLEI - The Agency Supports local sustainability through sharing and presenting information Get Connected Communication Concepts & Dissemination Print Publications Guides, reports, dissemination tools Online information & Tools Online present- ation, inter- activity, com- munication tools 21. ICLEI European Secretariat 200621 ICLEI - The Agency Training: Capacity building & training in support of the Local Action 21 strategies; Innovative e-learning solutions Conferencing e.g.: European ICLEI Members Convention 2005 ICLEI World Congress 2006 European Sustainable Cities & Towns Conference, Seville 2007 Thematic conferences Supports local sustainability through training & conferencing 22. ICLEI European Secretariat 200622 ICLEI - Operations ICLEI European Secretariat hosted by Freiburg, Germany 40 dedicated staff 4 thematic teams 4 support teams International Training centre Secretary General office Host agreement with Freiburg, 1991-2006 23. ICLEI European Secretariat 200623 Thank you for your attention ! 24. ICLEI European Secretariat 200624 Thank you for your attention ! 25. ICLEI European Secretariat 200625 Thank you for your attention !