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  1. 1. Deluxe Sports Bounce HouseA per f ect bounce house f or childr en havingf un and spor t y t heme! The Deluxe Spor t sBounce House is a f ant ast ic spor t j umpingwor ld f or kids. I t has over sized inf lat edbaseball, glove, bat , f oot ball, basket ball andsoccer ball, t he spor t s your kids love t o play.The bold color of t his bounce house wit hwhit e color ed r ef er ee st r ipes pr ovides ar eal spor t y look. Make your child j ump in a1414 j umping ar ea while playing hoops ont he basket ball net .Imperial Castle 7 in 1 Bounce House Combo Wet or Dry UnitI f you ar e conf used which one you would like t or ent bet ween Bounce or Combo, t hen you can t akebot h wit h t his I mper ial Cast le 7 in 1 Bounce HouseCombo. This is t he newest addit ion in bounce HouseRent als. You can r ent it WET or DRY as per yourchoice. I t has 1515 j umping ar ea, per f ect f orbouncing, basket ball hoop. I t also has a 12f tat t ached slide. This unique Bounce House Combo
  2. 2. Disney Princess 4 in 1 Combo Slide N BounceHouseFinding t he lat est in f air yt ale f ant asy Slide N BounceHouse? Get r eady t o engage your kids in an enchant ingplay inside t he Disney Pr incess 4 in 1 Combo Slide NBounce House. Your kids will love t his t heme panelwhich f eat ur es Cinder ella, Ar iel, J asmine, Belle, Tiana,Snow Whit e and Aur or a. This beaut if ul slide givesyour child a lovely spor t s exper ience t oget her wit h af ant ast ic slide. For gr oup int er act ion, each bouncyhouse is equipped wit h a lar ge int er ior j umping ar eaand a basket ball hoop. The high-visibilit y mesh allowsspect at or s t o keep an eye on par t icipant s. The climbt o conquer wit h a f un and f ast slide, ent er t ainmentf or ever y child!!Sabrett Mini Hot Dog CartFor backyar d or of f ice par t ies, gr ab t his Sabr et tMini Hot Dog Car t available at af f or dable pr ices.Sabr et t is known f or it s out st anding pr oduct qualit yand gr eat cust omer s sat isf act ion. Pr ovidingcomplet e hot dog ser vice, on one side, you can cookyour dogs in wat er while on t he ot her side; you canst eam your buns. This r et r o st yle hot dog st eamer isj ust t he per f ect choice f or any event . The smallumbr ella adds t he ext r a beaut y in t he over all HotDog Car t . Get r eady t o r ent our Sabr et t Mini Hot
  3. 3. 7 in 1 Combo Unit with Happy Birthday Art PanelAdd lot s of f un in your child upcoming bir t hday par t y bygr asping our 7 in 1 Combo Unit wit h Happy Bir t hday Ar tPanel. This is def init ely going t o be ever yones f avor it eBounce N Slide Combo Rent al. This 7 in 1 Bounce House NSlide Combo wit h Happy Bir t hday Ar t Panel of f er s 7 f unf eat ur es, a Huge bouncing ar ea, hor izont al obst acles,ver t ical obst acles, climbing wall, inside basket ball hoop, t alland f ast slides, and much mor e! You can get all t hesef eat ur es in j ust one bouncer . Your kids will love t hisBir t hday t heme panel Gr eat f or bir t hday par t ies f or kids,t he Happy Bir t hday ar t panel looks awesome. Book t hisunique combo now and sur pr ise your child in his or hercoming bir t hday.
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