Boudreau #CZC2014 - Educating the Public Panel

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The Role of Social Media Paul Boudreau, Senior Research Fellow International Ocean Institute
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Transcript of Boudreau #CZC2014 - Educating the Public Panel

  • Personal Confession: I am a technophile Email since 1994 - Facebook user since 2007 Presently Use: Facebook Twitter Linkedin Lanyrd Youtube Tumbr Etc., etc., etc.
  • Social Media Implementations Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube Wikipedia TED Talks Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Etc. Etc. Etc.
  • Key Aspects (generally) Free Universally accessible Requires content and contact Social everyone can participate
  • The Power of Social Media: Its Social! WE NEED: Facts and figures BUT: Humans are social by nature. We are influenced by what other humans do. SO: Social media allows one to overcome barriers: Geograhic separation - connect around the world Socio-econmomic separation - connect with academics, managers, fishers, 1st Nations, etc., etc., etc. Language differences
  • TED Talks Technology, Entertainment, Design Video deliver of short presentations Watched one billion times worldwide Engaging, entertaining, accessible BUT:
  • Are TED Talks Working? Benjamin Bratton, Associate Profesor of Visual Arts, University of Califoria, San Diego
  • Can Social Media Play a Role? Maybe Yes: Deliver facts, figures, pictures, videos etc. Connects people Maybe No: Risks being just entertainment without impact Needs content and engagement Can it influence people to change?????
  • Social media needs to be Social Content Distribution PEOPLE participating