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  • 7/28/2019 Bottles and Diapers


    Bottles and diapers

    Bottles and diapers soon I will have to have

    When this baby will comeIt will be a necessity for this baby

    I will have to have plenty of bottles and diapers around

    Because they run out fast specially the diapersI dont want to run out of the diapers when the baby is around

    Bottles and diapers have to be around where I can reach

    Bottles and diapers the baby will use it every dayUntil he is a child

    And when he gets to be a childI wont have to worry about bottles and diapers again

    This poem was written/submitted by Aldo Kraas.

    A Baby is a Miracle

    This little tiny baby

    Was sent from God above

    To fill our hearts with happiness

    And touch our lives with loveHe must have known

    Wed give our allAnd always do our best

    To give our precious baby love

    And be grateful and so blessed..

    A New World

    You have been born in a world of time, peace, love and hate.

    A world that can make you or break you.

    An where faces may change,where hearts are broken.

    A man you will become an in God you will believe.

    For this is a world were nothin is with ease.

    This poem was written/submitted by Tavis Peek.
  • 7/28/2019 Bottles and Diapers


    Babies Prayer

    I lay here getting ready for bed tonight.

    I call for Mom and Dad with all my might.I am afraid because the world is so new.

    Here comes Mom and Dad they look tired to.

    The world is new and so much to see.

    Tomorrow is another day of learning for me.Today I cried but not due to pain.

    I heard my first storm and saw my first rain.

    My mom would hold me and tell me its OkDad would rock me to sleep at the end of each day.

    Watch over them as you do over me.

    I love my Mom and Dad, as you can see.

    I know I am new but I have one thing to ask.Nothing real big just one small task.

    Watch over my Mommy and Daddy to.

    There all I have accept for you..

    Baby Birthday Poem

    One candle for ..Baby,

    On her (his) birthday cake,

    One love pat a soft one,One hug and one shake;Then one kiss with love

    That can never be told,

    All these for our BabyWhos just . year old.

    Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

    It wont be long til we find out

    if youre a mister or a miss.

    And in the future if youll bea brother or a sis.

    Will you be our sweet little girl,

    or our silly little boy?Either way well swell with pride,

    when with the world we share our joy.
  • 7/28/2019 Bottles and Diapers


    What color will we paint your room?

    Pink or baby blue?

    Will you play with dolls or soccer balls?We havent got a clue.

    Will we clap for you at dance recitals,or cheer your football game?

    Which one of these, many years from nowwill be your claim to fame?

    Will you be our son or daughter?

    You know it really doesnt matter.Well love you just the same

    if youre the former or the latter.

    Baby Poems

    Babies are Angels that fly to the earth,

    their wings disappear at the time of their birth

    one look in their eyes and were never the same

    Theyre part of us now and that part has a name

    That part is your heart and a bond that wont sever

    our Babies are Angels, we love them forever.

    This poem was written/submitted by Ammy.

    Babys first Birthday

    Teddy bears and seas of blueSmiling in honor of you

    An infant, not long ago

    Now, one candle is aglow

    You are growing up so fastHow quickly a year has passed

    You are special, sweet, and wiseA present before our eyes.

    For a year, Ive watched you shine

    An angel I can call mine

    Sent from Heaven, just for me
  • 7/28/2019 Bottles and Diapers


    Filled with hope and dignity

    A blessing, now and always

    You brighten all of my daysPrecious child, I love you so

    More than anyone could know.

    Babys breath and sun-filled skies

    Ladybugs and lullabiesStarry nights and bright moonbeams

    Tender hearts and lasting dreams

    Each, a gift within your viewDuring this time, made for you

    May only good things come your way

    On this, your very first birthday.

    DADDYS Baby

    Close your eyes my pet, I will sing for you,

    its a lullaby I never knew,

    in this world you know, some things must come and go,but my world is all in loving you.

    Its a simple song, and its words are true,

    and Ill do the best that I can do,

    as I write this song, how can the words be wrong,when theyre all about my loving you?

    Youve got Mommys eyes, and now I realizeGod has blessed my world with loving you,

    youve got Daddys nose, a joke I suppose,but its still, what makes up you.

    As you close your eyes, heres a prayer or two,

    While you sleep I will be here for you.

    Things might come and go, but this youll always know,Daddys lullaby is just for you.

    This poem was written/submitted by Nikki.

    My Dear Child

    You are the poemI dreamed of writing

    the masterpiece

    I longed to paint.
  • 7/28/2019 Bottles and Diapers


    You are the shining star

    I reached for In my

    ever hopeful questfor life fulfilled..

    You are my child.

    Now with all thingsI am blessed.

    This poem was written/submitted by sapra.

    My Little Child.

    I was afraid when your in my womb.

    I was thinking if you my child in thy womb.If your crying loud inside my womb.Ive tried to touch my womb sometimes.

    So that i can tickle you to make you smile in times.

    I try to sing a lullaby to make you child sleep in time.

    When the your time to come out.I cried in joy.

    And in my face there is a smile.And say.

    How are you my little child.

    This poem was written/submitted by maria anna salcedo mirage [email protected]

    My Sweet Little Angel

    I look at you now, my sweet little angel,

    and I cannot believe what i see.Youre looking back, my sweet little angel,

    looking back and smiling at me.

    It is such a surprise, my sweet little angel,

    how happy you seem to be.

    Because I was so scared, my sweet little angel,at what kind of mother Id be

    But youve taught me how, my sweet little angel,

    to know exactly what you needIm not always right, my sweet little angel,

    but you are so patient with me.
  • 7/28/2019 Bottles and Diapers


    I am your teacher, my sweet little angel,

    but youre more a teacher to me.

    You are now growing, my sweet little angel,and growing together are we.

    This poem was written/submitted by Ashley Phillips.


    Will you bring us happiness?Or will you bring us pain?

    Will the skies be baby blue or clouded up with rain?

    These are questions we ask ourselves repeatedlythroughout the day

    ever since we realized you were on you way.

    Choose any day you wish fromthe whole month of July,when you decide your ready

    well all be standing by.

    So youve chosen the month of August,

    to us that is just as well,take all the time you need,

    we cant wait to hear you yell.

    Welcome to the world my fine young niece,

    our fears and anticipation are gone.I was convinced youd bring us happiness,

    Im glad I wasnt wrong.

    The Gift of Life

    Heaven sentangelic and sweet

    a bundle of joy

    so precious and meek

    An answered prayera soul with a seed

    to grow for God

    and live for a need

    Works of Almightyfrom up above
  • 7/28/2019 Bottles and Diapers


    meant to be

    meant to love

    For you aloneare proof to show

    there is a Lordwe all must know


    God took the strength of a mountain,

    The majesty of a tree,

    The warmth of a summer sun,The calm of a quiet sea,

    The generous soul of nature,

    The comforting arm of night,

    The wisdom of the ages,The power of the eagles flight,

    The joy of a morning in spring,

    The faith of a mustard seed,The patience of eternity,

    The depth of a family need.

    Then God combined these qualities.

    When there was nothing more to add,He knew His masterpiece was complete,

    Why God Made Little Boys

    God made the world out of His dreams

    Of magic mountains, oceans and streams,Prairies and plans and wooded land,

    Then paused and thought I need someone to stand

    On top of mou