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  1. 1. Bottlenose Trend Intelligence for Media/Communications
  2. 2. Innovation and new technologies are creating tremendous opportunities for converged media/ communications companies. If you adapt, you stand to seize significant competitive advantage in this brave new world. Your prospective customers are moving from cable TV and phones to regularly consuming emerging media sources with their personal devices. Nearly half of media respondents to a recent survey believe new digital distribution methods will be the biggest driver of company revenue over the next three years. But establishing leadership in todays rapidly transforming environment demands that you make spot-on decisions, rapid-fire. Bottlenose Nerve Center informs these decisions with instant analysis of real-time trendsgleaned from many sources including social media, live TV and radio data, and enterprise information. Benefit from insight into every shift in the media market and customer thought and sentiment as shown in the following use cases. Develop Offers Customers Love with Rapid Iteration Agile techniques dramatically speed time-to- market and enhance product innovation. You can test a product offer in days, and roll it out to best targets on social quickly. But to win over customers, you need to give them what they want. With Bottlenose, you can: Use real-time sentiment in test markets to guide iterative product improvement Identify demographic trends in your target audiences Anticipate changes in market demand Shift resources to new opportunities before your competition Launch knowing which features, functions and descriptive phrases resonate Lower cost and time to market. Improve Customer Service Like no other platform, Bottlenose zeroes in on pain points to positively influence consumer intent. Catch online complaints Understand issues behind statements like incompetent service Compare service provided by your retail outlets based on follow-on call center activity for each and take corrective action. With pain points identified, easily predict which touch point improvements will impact consumer perceptions most. SEIZE OPPORTUNITY in Todays Converged Communications/Media Market with Real-Time Business Trend Intelligence
  3. 3. A FEW OF OUR ADDITIONAL USE CASES EARLY CRISIS DETECTION Bottlenoses advanced topic analysis and trend detection picked up the threat of a causes cancer meme that went viral 30 days later. Brand was able to change ingredients. CUSTOMER SERVICE Client wanted to understand key pain points for customers. Bottlenose picked up emotions that drove intent to recommend and intent to bookand suggested best touchpoints for improvement. REDUCE PRODUCT LIABILITY Bottlenose monitors for early detection of product issues, real-time confirmation of correction, or further rapid iteration needed until the desired adjustment is achieved. EARLY CRISIS DETECTION Bottlenoses advanced topic analysis and trend detection picked up the threat of a causes cancer meme that went viral 30 days later. Brand was able to change ingredients. CYBER THREAT DETECTION Track emotive responses from hackers and protestors, correlate to IT logs and possible internal security risks in order to anticipate and fend off Data breaches and Denial of Service attacks. COMPLIANCE PROCESSES Your organization knows how to pass compliance audits from Sarbanes-Oxley to Euro-SOX. But Bottlenose helps spot fraud or employee misconduct before it can jeopardize compliance, not to mention your businesss profitability and reputation. REAL-TIME MARKETING Capture critical events happening around brand(s), competitors, industries, and audiences to optimize marketing communications, engage consumers, improve products/service, and mitigate potential threats REAL-TIME DEMAND PREDICTION Predict a change in market demand at practically the moment the shift begins to happen, adjust resources, and create and depend upon your own, better-informed demand indicators for a serious competitive advantage. Do Better Due Diligence to Grow Your Business Mergers, alliances and acquisitions are accelerating as media and telecom companies look to access new products and technologies. Due diligence is essential to the success of these efforts. The more you know about the other party, the less likely youll encounter costly surprises. With Bottlenose trend intelligence, you can: Gain timely insights from a broader spectrum of up-to-the-minute information Minimize risk through better-informed decision-making Reduce the costs of remediation and periodic review Enable tiered levels of due diligence or trigger additional research when unanticipated issues emerge. Effectively Engage Employees to Deliver a Better Customer Experience Excellent product development, production, and delivery begin with attracting, motivating, and retaining quality people. Help employees develop their potential and work to their highest levels of efficiency and creativity. Keep them fully engaged. Uncover issues you didnt know were important and the influencers who impact perceptions about them Detect and share innovative ideas as they begin building internal and external support Mitigate any trending negative sentiment affecting employee engagement Identify whos mentoring the top performers as well as their best practices Connect with your real-time present, time-series trends and near-term future. Learn more about the power of trend intelligence at
  4. 4. Bottlenose, Inc. Los Angeles, CA Bottlenose,Inc. 2015 ABOUT BOTTLENOSE When KPMG Capital sought the best big data analytics technology to invest in, it spent a year analyzing Bottlenoses technology and business. The partnership was sealed as KPMG recognized its member firms would gain significant competitive advantage. BOTTLENOSE CLIENTS Since 2013, when commercial sales began, Bottlenose has worked with dozens of leading enterprises including: PepsiCo, General Motors, Microsoft, and Razorfish. Nerve Center, our Enterprise Trend Intelligence dashboard, extracts trends, insights and alerts from high-volume data streams analyzed as they arrive from a variety of sources. The underlying platform uses automated data science algorithms to provide real-time, historical and predictive analytics. Analysts enjoy easy drill down into the root causes and drivers of change.