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  • 1.BOTSWANA A former colony of Britain Independence on 30th September 1966 Has had one of the fastest growing economies in the Africa

2. Botswana is the worlds largest producer of diamonds 3. Botswana is known for the incredible beauty of its wild life Safaris are important source of income 4. But...this fast booming economy isbeing threatened by the HIV/AIDSepidemic 5. As of 2006, Botswana has the second highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world.Almost 300,000 people are infected with the virus, 24.1% of the population! 6. First case reported in 1985 Botswanas response to the epidemic can be divided into three stages: Stage 1 (1987-1989): Eliminate the risk of transmission through blood transfusion Pledge 25 7. Stage 2 (1989-1997): Response was focused on information, education and communication programs The country was bombarded with HIV messages, condom distribution boxes and AIDS awareness signs No behavioural change observed 8. Stage 3 (1997 present): Response was expanded in many ways to include education, prevention and comprehensive care/providing antiretroviral treatment 9. Stage 3 Prevention - of mother-to-child transmission Education Target the right message to the right people Younger generations art festivals, TV and radio dramas, group discussions High-risk adult populations diamond miners, sex workers 10. Treatment a national antiretroviral therapy program named MASA was implemented.-Goal of MASA wasto provideantiretrovirals to allthose in need of themedication 11. Miss HIV Stigma Free beauty pageant 12. Summary of Stage 3 response :1. Targeting the right people2. Improving of blood safety3. Prevention of mother -to-child transmission4. National ARV therapy program 13. Why does Botswana stillhave the second highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world? 14. Holy Cross Hospice 15. Programs: Home-based, Day care and Youth Programs1. Home-based care - Medical care, psychological and social support2. Loratong Daycare centre- Adult day care, care of Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVC)3. Youth programs 16. Bibliography: Holy Cross Hospice: HIV and AIDS in Botswana: Health Botswana: Holy Cross Hospice: Botswana Basics: factbook/geos/bc.html