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Botanical garden

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  • 1. Botanical gardensBYHAIDR MSAHIR

2. What is a botanical gardens?is a garden dedicated to thecollection, cultivation and display ofa wide range of plants labeled withtheir botanical names. It maycontain specialist plant collectionssuch as tropical plants, or otherspecies of plants. 3. Types of plants in botanical gardens1- cacti and succulent plants.2- herb gardens.3- greenhouses, shade houses.4- tropical plants.5-Medicinal Plants.6- aromatic or textile plants7- other exotic plants. 4. who is responsible for a botanical gardens?Botanical gardens are often run byuniversities or other scientific researchorganizations, and often haveassociated herbaria and researchprogrammers in plant taxonomy or someother aspect of botanical science. 5. 1- Enjoyment 6. 2-Economic 7. 3- Scientific researchBotanic gardens contain collections of plantsfor education, scientific purposes and display;they can be: taxonomically-based - collectionsof a particular family, genus or group ofcultivars; or collections of native plants; oruseful species such as medicinal, aromatic ortextile plants. 8. 4- conservation* conservation of rare and threatenedplants.* The conservation of plant diversity iscritical for sustainable development andbotanic gardens are playing a key role ascenters of conservation action.* Botanical gardens can promotediversity. Because they include manyspecies of plant. 9. 5- Climate Change* plants can alter the temperature of theEarths atmosphere. Through the processof photosynthesis, plants use energy fromthe sun to draw down carbon dioxide fromthe atmosphere and then use it to createthe carbohydrates they need to grow.Since carbon dioxide is one of the mostabundant greenhouse gases, the removalof the gas from the atmosphere maytemper the warming of our planet as awhole.*transpiration in plants can increase watervapor in the atmosphere, causing moreprecipitation and cloud cover in an area.The additional cloud cover often reinforcesthe cooling by blocking sunlight.*Contribute to soil fertility and prevent soilerosion 10. Some botanical gardens in India 11. Empress Garden, Pune 12. Lalbagh botanical gardens in Bangalore 13. Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanical Garden and Research Institute (TBGRI),Trivandrum, Kerala (Biggest in India and conserves the largest no: of plantspecies in Asia). 14. The Mysore Zoo, in Mysore, Karnataka is also a botanical garden. 15. Botanical Garden of the Department of Applied Botany at MangaloreUniversity, Karnataka 16. Botanical Garden, Near Sarangpur,Chandigarh 17. Jhansi Botanical Garden, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh