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BY:DHRUVIN PATELNIT,AHMEDABADBoosting Skillsets:Increasing the Employability of Youth

In an environment of immense opportunities for economic growth, India requires more national as well as international cooperation among different labour market actors (trade unions, vocational training organisations, committees at the national level) to sustain it.With 93 per cent of the available work provided by the informal sector, a significantnumber of well-educated youth in India are either unemployed, underemployed,seeking employment or between jobs, or coping with insecure work arrangements.YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT:Unemployment is a daunting problem for both the developed and developing countries. India is one of those developing countries which continue to have the problem of unemployment and underemployment despite continuous policy emphasis and programmes to eliminate the problem.

The National Sample Survey Organisation found that Indias unemployment rate fell to 3.8% in 2011-12 from 9.4% in 2009-10. The general perception is that unemployment in India is high, but the actual numbers seem reasonable. Thats because self-employment accounts for about 60% of Indias employed population.

Governments efforts for tackling youth unemployment:

Formulation of national youth policy in 1988 by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.National Youth Policy 2003 was designed to galvanize young people to rise up to new challenges.The National Council for Skill Development (NCSD) in 2005 was constituted under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister.A three tier institutional structure consisting of :(i) the Prime Minister's National Council on Skill Development, (ii) the National Skill Development Coordination Board(iii) the National Skill Development Corporation, has been set up to take forward the Skill development Mission.Prime Minister's Rozgar (Employment) Scheme (PMRY)Training of Rural Youth for Self-Employment (TRYSEM)Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana(SGSY)Swarnjayanti Shahri Rozgar Yojana(SJSRY)Kaushal Vikas Yojana (KVY)

Reasons for unemployment in India:

I. Shortage of Jobs II. Decent Work DeficitIII. Women Security and Social Restrictions IV. Skills MismatchV. Lack of training for workVI. Expansion of education VII. Acceleration of population growth and mortality declineVIII. Slow growth of the economy until the 1980s .REMODELING SKILL-SETS IN YOUTH:

Partnership of Govt. Of India with private sector(Implementing agencies) on Non profit basis.

BOOSTING SKILLSET BY CONVENTIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMMES:Cost beared: 80 % by Institution willing to absorb and remaining by Govt. of India.Cost beared: 30% by Implementing Agencies,50% by Govt. of India and 20 % by SPVs(Special Purpose Vehicles) guideline booklet5E-learning an aggressive solution:IMPLEMENTATION:ADVANTAGES:

Basic Proposals:


1. Fiscal PolicyFiscal policy can decrease unemployment by helping to increase aggregate demand and the rate of economic growth. The government will need to pursue expansionary fiscal policy; this involves cutting taxes and increasing government spending. 2. Monetary PolicyMonetary policy would involve cutting interest rates. Lower rates decrease the cost of borrowing and encourage people to spend and invest. This increases AD and should also help to increase GDP and reduce demand deficient unemployment.GOVERNMENTS ECONOMY SHOULD BE HIGH ENOUGH TO CREATES OPPORTUNITIES OF JOBS FOR YOUTH AND FOR THAT THERE SHOULD BE CHANGE IN TWO MACRO POLICIES OF GOVERNMENT:

Supply Side Policies for Reducing UnemploymentSupply side policies deal with more micro-economic issues. They dont aim to boost overall Aggregate Demand, but seek to overcome imperfections in the labour market. Hence some suggestions:

Education is considered as a capstone for the nations development. Despite a large number of educated youth, there is a shortage of skilled manpower. This is the dilemma. They are mainly lacking three types of skills in employed youth1. Communication Skills2. Analytical skill and problem solving3. Domain.

Ninety per cent of educated youth force are lacking in one of these three main skills required for job and employment. Hence the problem lies in our education system and it can be improved so that every employed youth have these 3 basic skills which is required by any organization.There must be radical change in our education system. There must be an interface among Government bodies looking after education, Universities, all India committee of technical education and the representatives of the industries.The institutes must educate as per industries' needs. The syllabus committees has to interface with the industries.There must be more focus on practical aspects rather than theoretical.It should more focus on vocational trainings programs.

To accumulate and disseminate of information on available jobs and workers in which job centres have a nationwide or internationwide, integrated database of jobs, employers, and available employees.

We are proposing new model (Employment Commission of India) to be established in out country.Aim:This type of database could reduce the time spent by an average worker on the unemployment roll and ultimately it reduce the unemployment rate.It is not only going to focus on reducing unemployment rate of India but it is also focusing to produce

1.Educated people 2.Skilled people3.Creative people

Start subsequent braches(job centre plus) for integrated database of jobs, employers, and available employees, Which collects data and send it to the district main ECI branch.

It works for the smaller area as like taluka levels.It collects the data from the youth(16 to 26 yrs.) from that particular area as like academic qualification, job preferences, area of interests ,E-mail id, contact no. and link all these details with AADHAR CARD.It ties up with many industries which seeks employers and note down the industries requirements.Than it will inform appropriate job-seeker youth .

Main Functions of Job Centre Plus(+):

Gov. should also recruit people through job centre plus.Most advantage of it that industries get man force which works with maximum efforts and it increase industries' efficiency and ultimately it effects countrys economy positively as there is no mismatch between industries and employers .It helps the students to get the jobs.Newspapers, periodicals ,magazines and books which may be helpful to the youth are available in the centre.Computers with internet connections enable the students to access the employment related information and help them to boosting their basic skills.Professional counselling services are also made available.The placement advisory documents after every week.Assist students to apply for jobs.Other functions:

The government should recruit a person by targeting various streets or areas within a city ,who has an authority to take specified fine from people and 60% it, he or she have to submit to the government, if they do as likePolluting the regionSpitting in the streetsParking in non-restricted area

Hence, it leads towards Nirmal India and provides opportunities of employability.

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