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  • 1. The Good Luck of Right Now Book Campaign Ideas Valerie M. Russo

2. Mathew Quick HUB Create an automated stream of all mentions and Qs feeds, tie it all in to one place thats easy to find (use RebelMouse link from Author site/blog) Can be used to as one-stop-shop for live events too like movie-tie in 3. EMBRACE VIDEO Leverage @MatthewQuick21 Following: Create sneak peek/previews, behind-the-scenes Vine Videos Launch Instagram & amplify Empower fans to share photos, book reviews, videos 4. EMPOWER FANS Create a Post-secret like Tumblr where readers/fans can post anonymous letters to celebrities or share their own Good Luck Right Now Story Create companion Hashtag for Twitter/Instagram(Great opportunity for High SEO/Social Shares, organic growth) 5. EMPOWER FANS UNLEASH THE KITTIES: There is nothing the Internetz likes more than CATS. Launch a #MyAlice campaign and have users share their amazing pets 6. INVOLVE BOOK CLUBSLaunch a contest for Book Clubs offering Spin, Skype or Google Hangout Discussions with Matthew Quick.Offer Reading Group Guide as a Slideshare for Bloggers to share/embedSpin uses proprietary technology to offer what it says is "the best-combined audio, video, voice, image and touch quality that exists today 7. INVOLVE BOOK CLUBSIdentify Local Book Bloggers, Book Clubs & Invite them to a Meet & Greet with Q * (Use Topsy, Twitter, Alltop & also search Matthews accounts for top Influencers)* 5-City Author Tour in LA, NY, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and New England 8. BLOG COVERAGE Exclusive Book Trailer Release on Major Site: i.e., HuffPo, Bookish, Daily BeastPromote to Niche Bloggers: BeliefNet/BeyondBlue (Mental health) Sexual & Domestic Abuse Survivors Grief, Loss, Dementia, Cancer Support Pop Culture & Dating : Movies & Books, xoJane, Celebrity Obsessions Cat LoversGuest Post: Matthew Quick Buzzfeed ThoughtCatalog Daily Dot Medium QzOnline Publicity Campaign Targeting Major National Sites, Entertainment Sites, and Book Blogs as well as Niche Outreach to Mental Health-Interest Blogs Coordinated Blog Tour Social Networking Campaign on Facebook and GoodReads 9. Tie it all together: Opportunities Add social sharing functions to author site: pages, elements creates social proof and spurs engagement Add Blog tab to author site link to author blog Link to all/any new sites, streams, campaigns Add book club info to contact page Add Facebook Fan gate to FB page: Reward Fans for likesProminent social sharing buttons can increase social sharing by 700%. 10. Thats it for now.FINThank you!Valerie M. Russo