Boko Haram: I won't resign- Jonathan

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Transcript of Boko Haram: I won't resign- Jonathan

  • ...towards a better life for the people

    VOL. 25: NO. 61681 MONDAY, AUGUST 6, 2012**

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    Says the demand is blackmail, ridiculousMy mandate freely given by all Nigerians, he insists

    I won't resign Jonathan


    Dana crash,a case ofcriminalnegligence



    Says I've no hand inBoko Haram


    Warns Clark, threatens to sue him






    LES LEBA P.40


    A B U J A P R E S IDENT GoodluckJonathan, yesterday,said he would neitherconvert to Islam nor re-sign his position forpeace to reign in thecountry as demanded bythe Boko Haram Sect.

    The Jamaatu AhlisSunnah Lil Daawati walJihad, popular calledBoko Haram, which saidit was not negotiatingwith any governmentrepresentative and hadno plans to do so, had in

    SUBSIDYSCAM:Labouralleges plotto cover-upsomemarketers

    BOLT SETS ANOTHER OLYMPIC RECORDJamaica's Usain Bolt celebratesafter winning the Men's 100m Final at the athletics event during the London 2012 Olympic Games yesterday, in London. Photo:AFP.


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  • Vanguard, MONDAY, AUGUST 6, 2012 3

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    Vanguard, MONDAY, AUGUST 6, 20125


    I've no hand in Boko Haram IBB


    You have it easily in your power to increase thesum total of this worlds happiness now. How? Bygiving a few words of sincere appreciation to some-one who is lonely or discouraged. Perhaps youwill forget tomorrow the kind words you say to-day, but the recipient may cherish them over a life-time Dale Carnegie

    A MAN was taking a walk along the beach.He saw that the morning tide from the oceanbrought in hundreds of starfish and when the tidereceded, they were left behind and with the morn-ing sun rays, and they would die. The tide wasfresh and the starfish were alive. The man took afew steps, picked one and threw it into the water.He did that repeatedly. Right behind him there wasanother person who couldnt understand what thisman was doing. He caught up with him and asked,What are you doing? There are hundreds of star-fish. How many can you help? What difference doesit make? This man did not reply, took two moresteps, picked up another one, threw it into the wa-ter, and said, It makes a difference to this one.

    ABUJAFORMERPresident IbrahimBabangida, yesterday,slammed elder-states-man Chief Edwin Clarkover his allegation thatsome Northern leadersincluding him,Babangida, were soft onthe Boko Haram insur-gency.

    In a stout rebuttal tothe assertion, Babangidaalleged that sense mayindeed have departedfrom Clark and hencehis disregard for the his-toric role he (Babangida)played in unifying thecountry.

    Affirming that he hadno reason to play poli-tics with the issue hav-ing left the political in-dustry , Babangidatraced the difficulties ofthe Jonathan adminis-tration to divisive peoplehe said were of the samemindset with Clark, whohave prevented thepresent administrationfrom seeking reasonablecounsel from those thatcould help it. He specifi-cally alluded to formerHeads of State who heclaimed were not beingconsulted by the presentadministration.

    Babangida spoke inresponse to Clarksclaims last Wednesdaythat some northern lead-ers were behind the in-creasing spate of vio-lence in the country.

    Clark spoke as guestspeaker at the secondState of the FederationLecture organised bythe Nigerian Institute ofAdvanced Legal Studies,NIALS.

    Clark had specificallychallenged Babangida

    and former Head ofState, Gen.Muhammadu Buhari tocondemn the activitiesof the Boko Haramgroup that has claimedresponsibility for the in-surgency campaign inmany parts of the north.

    Clark noting the jointdeclaration by formerPresident OlusegunObasanjo andBabangida on the spateof insecurity had said atthe lecture:

    Boko Haram pre-ceded Jonathan. Itstarted in 2002 whenObasanjo was President.It was there whenYarAdua was also rul-ing. It is not synony-mous with Jonathan. Ihad expected that some-body like Babangidashould have spokensince. I thought hewould have spoken withhis friend Buhari. Two ofthem have been meet-ing. So why is he nowwith Obasanjo?

    At 72, Babangida saidhe will wear uniformand fight for the unity ofNigeria, he shouldtherefore stand up nowand condemn BokoHaram from the bottomof his heart, not withObasanjo. Obasanjo hasgone to Maiduguri tomeet the people, whyhas Babangida notgone? he asked.

    But responding yester-day, in a statement is-sued by his spokesman,Kassim Afegbua,Babangida said:

    The statement report-edly credited to ChiefEdwin Clark on Friday,August 3, 2012 in sev-eral newspapers andonline media to the ef-fect that General IBBhas a hand in BokoHaram, is the subject ofthis response. We areashamed to state here

    that rather than comingup with plausible andefficacious solution[s] tothe insecurity in thecountry, what the self-acclaimed elder states-man came up with wasbuck-passing, suchodium and rancid out-burst, to the extent of try-ing to accuse GeneralIbrahim Babangida onthe Boko Haram menace.We view this misguidedand senseless statementin very bad taste and wetake very strong excep-tions to his drooling andimplied conclusion.

    I 'll not workagainst Nigeria'sunity, stability

    "For the purpose ofputting the recordsstraight, GeneralIbrahim Babangida,Grand Commander ofthe Federal Republic,former President andCommander-In-Chief ofthe Armed Forces andcivil war hero, does notand will not have a handin anything untowardagainst the unity andstability of the NigerianState. Having seen it allin life, and now enjoy-ing his retirement inMinna, Niger State,General IbrahimBabangida has paid hisdues by serving his fa-therland to the best of hisability at various timesin the history of thecountry.

    "Having invested somuch in the unity andstability of the country,to the extent of fightingin the civil war to keepthe country together, it isout of place for anyone,least of all an old manof Edwin Clark's nomen-clature, to input directlyor indirectly that thegreat IBB should provehis innocence on theBoko Haram menace.

    "We want to believe thatChief Edwin Clark wasquoted out of context,but if indeed he did saywhat was credited tohim, we are forced toaccept the conclusionthat on account of hisage, his senses havesince departed him. Heneeds our empathiesand not sympathies. Wehave since known ChiefEdwin Clark to be aloose cannon in publicdiscourse. He deservesour pity.

    "We were expectingChief Edwin Clark touse the opportunity ofhis forum to advance so-lutions to the insecuritysituation in the countrywith particular referenceto the Boko Haram cri-sis. General IbrahimBabangida has offeredseveral approaches andmethodologies to ad-dressing the precarious

    situation both in publicand private, and hadstated without equivo-cation that dialoguewould serve as a bettertool than this militantapproach which is notyielding appropriate re-sult.

    "He had also statedthat President GoodluckJonathan should usesome of the respectedMuslim clerics in theNorth as middlemen toreach members of BokoHaram and appeal forcalm and understand-ing, in the interest ofthe unity and stability ofthe system. Needless tostate that Government isa huge institution withseveral options open toit. And the earlier wediscard this old methodof reactionary approachand adopt a proactiveone, in handling sensi-tive situations such asthe one under refer-ence, the better it willbe for the country.

    "With ethnic mindsetof a Chief Edwin Clark,we can understand whythe country appears fix-ated and why there hasnot been nationally ac-cepted approach to com-bating this Boko Harammenace. Anyone whosees the Boko Harammenace as strictly aNorthern affair wouldbe exhibiting crass ig-norance about leader-ship in a multi-ethnicconfiguration like Ni-geria.

    Babangida who reiter-ated the need for a col-lective responsibility in

    nipping in the bud theproblem, said, "the earlierwe began the patrioticprocess of viewing chal-lenges as collective re-sponsibility, the better itwould be for getting so-lutions to the problem.When ethnic jingoistsspeak and reason in themanner that Chief EdwinClark did, then we havea huge problem on ourhands.

    "Former President,General IbrahimBabangida has no handin the present challengesfacing PresidentGoodluck Jonathan, andthe insecurity in thecountry. In fact, it is IBB'sbelief that some of theproblems were inheritedby the present adminis-tration. IBB has since leftthe political turf for theyounger generation ofNigerians. He has saidrepeatedly that he will nolonger be an applicant inthe political industry in

    Nigeria until Allah callshim home.

    Rather than crucifyGeneral IBB for nothing,Chief Edwin Clarkshould blame the cor-ruption in the systemand the several incom-petence and inadequa-cies of the present sys-tem. Instead of buck-passing and playing theblame game, we expectEdwin Clark to advisethe government of theday to do more of con-sultation with formerpresidents, opinionmoulders and leaders ofthoughts across thecountry with the aim ofgetting lasting and inte-grated solutions to ourproblems. Let it be notedthat further impliedstatements and mis-placed accusations fromChief Edwin Clarkwould be greeted withlitigation. A word isenough for the aged.

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    a half-hour video madein Hausa and posted onYouTube, called onPresident Jonathan toresign, and also acceptIslam as a pre-conditionfor peace.

    Describing the de-mand as blackmail thathe was not ready to suc-cumb to, the Presidentin a statement by hisSpecial Adviser on Me-dia, Dr Reube