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Does Boko Haram fight against Nigeria have any effect on Applicants' choices?

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  • 1.Boko aram Jambites Choices &

2. The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) General Comment No. 13, paragraph 6, identifies four features that are essential to realizing the right to education. They are known as the 4As. Availability Accessibility Acceptability Adaptability The content of education and the way it is delivered, must be relevant, acceptable for all, including minorities, and of good quality; and Education must be free, and there must be a sufficient number of educational institutions and trained teachers, as well as education materials, so that education is available to all; The institutions and programmes must be: (1) Accessible to all, without discrimination, including marginalised groups; (2) Physically accessible within a safe and reasonable distance and accessible to those with disabilities; and (3) Accessible in terms of cost: primary education must be free for all, whereas secondary and higher education must be affordable and progressively made free; Education must be flexible and able to respond to the needs of students in different social and cultural settings. This includes those with learning difficulties as well as gifted children. 3. This study takes a look at one of the 4As Accessibility and precisely: The institutions and programmes must be: (2) Physically accessible within a SAFE and reasonable distance. A closer review of past and present UTME applications to tertiary institutions (Universities) in the Northern part of Nigeria and the resultant effect if any of Boko Haram on Admission seekers. 4. MAP OF NIGERIA SHOWING THE 6 GEO-POLITICAL ZONES 5. There are 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Of these, 19 States are located in the Northern part of Nigeria, while the remaining 17 are in the Southern part. The geo-political zones are: NE NC NW SE SS SW North East North Central North West South East South South South West While most Northern states are under threat of the sect; the North East is currently the operational base, with Borno, Yobe and Adamawa being the most affected. 6. BORNO YOBE STATE POPULATION (ESTIMATE) APPELLATION ADAMAWA 3.8m Land of Beauty BORNO 5.0m Home of Peace YOBE 2.8m The Young Shall Grow While most Northern states are under threat of the Sect; the North East is currently the operational base, with BORNO, YOBE and ADAMAWA being the most affected. 7. TOTAL NUMBER OF UNIVERSITY: Total number here implies number of Universities offering admission during the stated academic session 129 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 113 116 122 126 (as at June, 2014) 8. 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 112 116 122 125 No. of Universities in the North (N), in the South (S): 41 71 42 74 46 76 48 77 DISTRIBUTION OF UNIVERSITIES IN NIGERIA 9. UTME APPLICATIONS (2011 2014) NORTH SOUTH NORTH % 2011/12 503,530 976,269 34.03% 2012/13 525,486 967,284 35.20% 2013/14 625,204 1,093,497 36.38% 2014/15 663,390 948,955 41.14% There is an appreciable increase in the number of Candidates seeking admission opportunity into Universities located in the Northern part of the country irrespective of the activities of Boko Haram. What is it like in the most affected North East? 10. UTME APPLICATIONS (2011 2014) NORTH EAST NORTH CENTRAL NORTH WEST NORTH EAST % 2011/12 76,655 202,431 192,596 15.22% 2012/13 75,279 267,669 149,082 14.33% 2013/14 75,528 307,574 226,511 12.39% 2014/15 87,867 322,215 238,330 13.25% FCT: 2011/12 - 31,848 | 2012/13 - 33,456 | 2013/14 - 15,591 | 2014/15 - 14,978 Universities in North Eastern Nigeria have the minimum number of Applicants for the records observed between 2012/12 and 2014/15 academic sessions 11. MOST AFFECTED NORTHERN STATES ADAMAWA BORNO YOBE 2011/12 21,037 27,585 2,234 2012/13 20,445 18,649 2,810 2013/14 16,752 22,612 2,543 2014/15 13,244 20,428 3,432 UNIMAID is the only university in Borno state. Adamawa state has 3 Universities, Bauchi 2, Gombe 2, Taraba 2, and Yobe 2. 12. Clearly, there is change of interest in Universities in the North East, candidates now prefer to seek admission in other Northern region North West and North Central. It was also observed that there is no much to show that interest has shifted to Southern universities. In fact; between 2011/12 and 2014/15, there has been a growing interest in Northern universities from 34.03% in 2011/12 to 41.14% in 2014/15 academic sessions. What has happened is that Candidates have sought admission in other Universities in the North due to the 12 newly created Federal universities with majority located in the North. 13. Still, it is apparent that there is massive waste of investment in Education in those affected States. For instance, even though UNIMAID enjoys better budgetary allocation from the Federal Government than some of its counterparts in the North, most Students are no longer interested in seeking admission in UNIMAID due to threat to life. All these points to the need for Government to do all it can to restore peace to the region and make Education ACCESSIBLE to as many as would love to embrace it without threat to human life. 14. Data Source: - Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Analysis by: Wale Micaiah e: b: w.