BoF: The Future Of ADASS Nuria Lorente (AAO, ADASS POC) (@NoTruerAlien)

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Transcript of BoF: The Future Of ADASS Nuria Lorente (AAO, ADASS POC) (@NoTruerAlien)

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  • BoF: The Future Of ADASS Nuria Lorente (AAO, ADASS POC) (@NoTruerAlien)
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  • The Present and Future of ADASS Motivation The ADASS Survey (2014) The POC How the programme is put together Key Topics and Invited speakers Contributed talks Conference content The Future
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  • Motivation ADASS is the major conference for our community Conference series is in its 24 th year thats no reason for complacency With shrinking (travel) budgets we find ourselves choosing our conferences very carefully ADASS must keep up with the needs of the ADASS community the astronomical community our changing demographics The POC are always open to suggestion and criticism BUT 1. We tend to predominantly hear the loudest (unhappiest!) voices 2. We cannot read minds!
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  • The Survey Early 2014 140 people responded 65% in the first 2 days 14% (19 ppl) 0 attendance 12% (17 ppl) 1 attendance
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  • Who are we? 69% astronomers 38% software engineers 30% programmers 29% software architects 28% managers 22% computer scientists Database specialists, Instrument scientists, Archive specialists, Data (librarian, analyst, system scientist, scientist) Post-doc, Student
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  • Who are we? Survey data
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  • ADASS Programme Organising Committee Executive: Carlos Gabriel (ESA-ESAC) Daniel Durand (CADC) Tony Krueger (STScI) Brian Glendenning (NRAO) Betty Stobie (NOAO) Pascal Ballester (ESO) Sbastien Derrire (CSA) Jim Lewis (IoA) Nuria Lorente (AAO) Ray Plante (NCSA) Arnold Rots (SAO) Keith Shortridge (AAO) Jeroen Still (U. Calgary) Tadafumi Takata (NAOJ) Russ Taylor (U. Cape Town) Harry Teplitz (IPAC/Caltech) POC Chair Deputy chair Secretary Treasurer
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  • ADASS Programme Organising Committee Traditionally from sponsoring & major participating institutes + those with an interest in ADASS Informal terms: Executive: Chair (5 years) Vice-chair (2 years) Secretary (2 years) Treasurer (2 years) Ordinary members (9 years) Survey: 67% - Governance should remain as it is now 18% - POC should be elected from and by community 17% - POC terms should change 10% - Executive positions should be elected by the community 2% - Other
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  • Key Topics & Invited Speakers
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  • Key Topics Survey Submissions 88 people submitted Key Topic suggestions
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  • Key Topics & Invited Speakers We want to hear your suggestions Speak to someone on the POC Email the POC ([email protected])[email protected] Future tools Apgree, etc
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  • How Are Contributed Talks Selected?
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  • How are Contributed Talks Selected? There are only ~30 talk slots To maximise your chances of getting a talk: Submit only 1 abstract for consideration Spend a little time working on your abstract (patronising - sorry!) Contribute to the proceedings Suggestion from this week: Choose n - (3-5) talks in the normal way Choose the remaining 3-5 randomly
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  • Conference Content Reasons for not coming to ADASS: 1. Budgetary constraints 2. Conference content Lack of substantive content: astronomy / computer science content something more than an update report on pet project need greater focus on algorithms, statistics, analysis methods, data science etc Lacks broad appeal / relevance Were a broad audience!
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  • Conference Content: Suggestions Introspection: should we rethink how we present our work in the allotted 12 min? identify the ADASS relevant portion 2 min describing instrument & project 14 min on the intricacies of algorithm, etc. assume that people have read the abstract and know the superficial stuff already? HARD! Keynote speaker 1/conference, 1hr, in-depth Wider discussion At the end of each session? At the end of the conference? Tutorials Ongoing series 2h basic; 1h advanced
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  • Comments, Questions & Discussion its your conference