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Transcript of Bob bunnell, n6 presentation

  • 1. MSFSC N6Overview for PPE Conference

2. Agenda

  • MSFSC N6 / N64 Organization
  • Navy POR systems
  • MSC unique systems
  • Questions
  • Notional LCM schedules

3. N6 Organization 4. N64 Organization 5. NAVY POR LCM Upgrades

  • Mission Statement:
    • Provide Life Cycle Management for sustainment of systems for Afloat C4S Enterprise Systems.
  • LCM Requirements
    • Navy SCN ships are delivered to the MSC Fleet with a one year warranty on C4S systems. (Such as T-AKE.)
    • After the one year warranty period MSC is responsible to plan, program and budget for funds to provide Fleet Technical, Engineering and Lifecycle support for C4S systems.
    • MSC is committed to ensure its C4S hardware is compliant with the Navys Program of Record (POR) systems, as these systems and associated peripherals reach their EOL and the governing Program Office releases a new hardware/software version.
    • MSC also plans and coordinates replacement of that system to increase utilization and C4S capabilities comparable to the rest of the Navy.Software upgrades and patches are also included in the Lifecycle plan .

6. NAVY POR LCM Upgrades

  • The MSC Fleet has incorporated many of the C4S systems used in the Navys POR systems so that we can operate in theater and provide mission support to the strike group.These systems include:
    • Integrated Shipboard Network System (ISNS)
    • Automated Digital Network System (ADNS)
    • Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System - Maritime (CENTRIXS-M)
    • Computer Network Defense-Host Based Security System (CND- HBSS)
    • Commercial Broadband Satellite Program (CBSP)
    • Global Command and Control System-Maritime (GCSS-M)
  • T-ALTs have been or will be sumbitted as required

7. NAVY POR Upgrade Schedule

  • FY11/12 Scheduled Upgrades:
    • Upgrades of ISNS Servers operating with COMPOSE are planned for (2) T-AKE vessels.
    • Installations of CENTRIX Block 0 are planned for (3) T-AKE, (6) T-AO, and (4) T-AOE vessels.
    • Upgrades of ADNS are planned for the (4) T-AOE vessels; (4) T-AKE vessels received ADNS upgrades in FY10; T-AOE ships will also receive SIPR Network Switch upgrades.
    • CBSP Upgrade is planned for the USNS MERCY in FY11 and USNS COMFORT in FY12.
  • Notional Schedules provided as back-up slides

8. MSC Projects

  • Navy High Speed Data (HSD)/Commercial Broadband Satellite Program (CBSP) Bandwidth Support
    • As per OPNAV direction, MSC is funding HSD/CBSP bandwidth
    • Coordinating with SPAWAR and DISA to procure Channel capacity
    • Propose Channel Sharing Efforts with other TYCOMs
    • Requirements Gathering, Short-term and Long-term Bandwidth Planning and Funding
  • SMIS Upgrades
    • AGC Classified LAN Upgrade with New Operating System
    • AR1 / GOSUP SP3 Unclassified Network Upgrade to MS SP3
    • HBSS Implementation
    • Accelerator Replacement.

9. MSC Project Priorities (cont.)

  • Next Generation Wideband (NGW) Procurement
    • Replacement for BEST(Anticipated Award in CY10)
    • HM&E Mods will be required
    • Shipchecks planned
    • T-Alts to be developed
    • 10 14 day installation period
    • Done by CY 12
  • BEST Bandwidth Restriction Issues/Actions
    • Implementing White List
  • SCN Implementation
    • Mobile Landing Platform (MLP) C4s Design and Implementation Planning
    • Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV)

10. Electronics Branch (N642) Work Flow Supervisor/Port Engineer (PPE) Electronics Manager (EM)Electronics Technician (ET) MSFSC N43 Logistics MSFSC N10PE requests ET services ShipShip Requests ET services Interagency Services/Product Procurement (2275/76) Technical and Financial Research EMValidates Reqt &FundingInteragency N o t V a l i d SPE Approves MSFSC N8Interagency or Contracted Contracted Services/Product Procurement Valid Contracted Purchase Card Order GFM Schedule TDY if Necessary Monitor Cost, Scope and Schedule, Provide Technical Oversight of Work Provide Closeout, Financial and Customer Feedback ReportsFinancial Status, Closeout Report Financial Status, Closeout Report Weekly N6 Status (IoI) and Monthly Purchase Card Reconciliation,Daily Technical Status and Closeout ReportDevelop Work Items, Specifications PE Develops Work Package Purchase Card Authorization Purchase Card Reimbursed Start Purchase Card 11. Electronics Tech Manning

  • FY10
    • $147K from N6 overhead spent on N642 travel, $3K from CMs.
    • 7 ETs in Norfolk (one supervisor), 2 ETs in San Diego
  • FY11
    • Travel Budget:
      • Overall N6 growth of 14 positions (35%)
      • Travel budget growth of (1.8%)
    • Project ISIDORE
      • Adds 3 ETs (Guam, Singapore, Bahrain)
      • Workload study As-Is complete, To-Be underway

12. QUESTIONS 13. Notional LCM Upgrades N43A CENTRIXS Rappahannock T-AO204 CENTRIXS Laramie T-AO203 CENTRIXS Yukon T-AO202 CENTRIXS Patuxent T-AO201 CENTRIXS Guadalupe T-AO200 CENTRIXS Tippecanoe T-AO199 CENTRIXS Big Horn T-AO198 CENTRIXS Pecos T-AO197 CENTRIXS Kanawha T-AO196 CENTRIXS Leroy Grumman T-AO195 CENTRIXS John Ericsson T-AO194 CENTRIXS Walter S Deihl T-AO193 CENTRIXS John Lenthal T-AO189 CENTRIXS Henry J Kaiser T-AO187 FY14 FY13 FY12 FY11 Name Hull 14. Notional LCM Upgrades N43B SIPR ISNS Switch Upgrade CENTRIX Block 0; ADNS AN/USQ-144(V)F Bridge T-AOE10 SIPR ISNS Switch Upgrade; CENTRIXS Block 0; ADNS AN/USQ-144(V)FArctic T-AOE8 SIPR ISNS Switch Upgrade CENTRIXS Block 0; ADNS AN/USQ-144(V)F Rainier T-AOE7 SIPR ISNS Switch Upgrade; CENTRIXS Block 0; ADNS AN/USQ-144(V)FSupply T-AOE6 FY14 FY13 FY12 FY11 Name Hull 15. Notional LCM Upgrades N43C CENTRIXS Washington Chambers T-AKE11 CENTRIXS Charles R Drew T-AKE10 CENTRIXS Matthew C Perry T-AKE9 NIPR/SIPR ISNS Server Upgrade CENTRIXS Wally Shira T-AKE8 NIPR/SIPR ISNS Server Upgrade CENTRIXS Carl Brashear T-AKE7 NIPR/SIPR ISNS Server Upgrade; CENTRIXS Amelia Earhart T-AKE6 NIPR/SIPR ISNS Server Upgrade CENTRIXS Block 0 Robert E Peary T-AKE5 NIPR/SIPR ISNS Server Upgrade; Centrix Block 0 Richard Byrd T-AKE4 NIPR/SIPR ISNS Server Upgrade Alan Shepard T-AKE3 NIPR/SIPR ISNS Server Upgrade; Centrix Block 0 Sacagawea T-AKE2 NIPR/SIPR ISNS Server Upgrade; Centrix Block 0 Lewis and Clark T-AKE1 FY14 FY13 FY12 FY11 Name Hull 16. Notional LCM Upgrades N43D . CENTRIXS Fly Away Kit (CFAK) Grapple T-ARS 53 CENTRIXS Fly Away Kit (CFAK) Salvor T-ARS 52 CENTRIXS Fly Away Kit (CFAK) Grasp T-ARS 51 CENTRIXS Fly Away Kit (CFAK) Safeguard T-ARS 50 FY14 FY13 FY12 FY11 Name Hull CENTRIXS Fly Away Kit (CFAK) Apache T-ATF 172 CENTRIXS Fly Away Kit (CFAK.) Sioux T-ATF 171 . CENTRIXS Fly Away Kit (CFAK.) Navajo T-ATF 169 CENTRIXS Fly Away Kit (CFAK)Catawba T-ATF 168 FY14 FY13 FY12 FY11 Name Hull 17. Notional LCM Upgrades N43E / SWIFT NIPR/SIPR ISNS Server Upgrade Comfort T-AH20 NIPR/SIPR ISNS Server Upgrade; CBSP Mercy T-AH19 FY14 FY13 FY12 FY11 Name Hull ADNS AN/USQ-144(V)F Swift HSV2 FY14 FY13 FY12 FY11 Name Hull