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BMW N47D20 Specifications. Find models in which this engine was used and most common problems are compiled here.

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  • 1. Engine Specifications& ProblemsIdeal Engines & Gearboxes020 8596 8596 0396DieselEngineBMW N47D20 Engine

2. BMW N47D20 EngineIdeal Engines & GearboxesMay2Introduction:BMW N47 is BMWs latest four-cylinder common rail diesel engine, with manyimprovements over its predecessor, the BMW M47. The N47 engine debuted in March 2007in the face lifted 1 Series BMW E87 and E81 and was available in the 1 Series BMW E82 andE88, which were introduced later in the same year.BMW Service:Quality, efficiency and innovation: the three cornerstones of the vehicle-maintenance expertise delivered by BMW Service - today and tomorrow. Evenbefore a new BMW model enters production, our engineers developinnovative, convenient and driver-focussed service features that ensure thatevery BMW automobile is able to perform at its very best, year after year. Weare committed to providing you with first-class service that delivers best-in-class care for your vehicle, and an uncompromising driving experience.(Source: BMW) 3. BMW N47D20 EngineIdeal Engines & GearboxesMay3Engine Specifications:4 cylinder inline turbocharged diesel enginePredecessor: M41Successor: N47Built from: 1999-2007Displacement range: 1995cm3Fuel: dieselRecent Model:Model: N47D20Displacement: 2.0 L (1995 cc/121 inCompression Ratio: 16.5:1Power: 160 kW (218 bhp) @ 4400 rpmTorque: 450 Nm (332 lb ft) @ 1500-2500 rpmInjection Pressure (bar): 2000Introduced in: 2011 4. BMW N47D20 EngineIdeal Engines & GearboxesMay4Models & Years:BMW 520d, 2.0 (E60/61), N47D20 / N47D20A Fits 07-10BMW X3, 2.0 (E83), N47D20 / N47D20A Fits 07-10BMW 118d, 2.0 (E81/82/87/88), N47D20 / N47D20A Fits 07-11BMW 120d, 2.0 (E81/82/87/88), N47D20 / N47D20A Fits 07-11BMW 318d, 2.0 (E90/91/92/93), N47D20 / N47D20A Fits 07-11BMW 320d, 2.0 (E90/91/92/93), N47D20 / N47D20A Fits 07-11BMW 116d, 2.0 (E81/82/87/88), N47D20 / N47D20A Fits 08-11BMW 316d, 2.0 (E90/91/92/93), N47D20 / N47D20A Fits 09-11BMW X1, 2.0 (E83), N47D20 / N47D20A/O0 Fits 09-10BMW 520d, 2.0 (F10/11), N47D20 / N47D20O1 Fits 10-11BMW X1, 2.0 (E83), N47D20 / N47D20U0 Fits 09-11BMW 123d, 2.0 (E81/82/87/88), N47D20 / N47SD20B/D/T0 Fits 07-11Common Problems:The N47 engine family is prone to excessive timing chain wear and prematurefailure. Rattling noise from rear of the engine is indicative of the condition.Timing chain failure may call for engine replacement or a costly repair. Theissue applies to all applications and power variants, up to 03/2011 models.BMW does not recognize this problem, thus no proper service is given to BMWcustomers. 5. BMW N47D20 EngineIdeal Engines & GearboxesMay5Who are we?