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Information about BMW hire and fire policy

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Bhanwar SinghMBA 4TH SemKrupanidhi Business School

BMWs Hire And Fire PolicyIntroductionType : Aktiengesellschaft (FWB: BMW) Industry : Automotive industryFounded :1916 Founder(s) : Franz Josef Popp Headquarters :Munich, Germany Key people :Norbert Reithofer(CEO and Chairman of Board of Management) Joachim Milberg(Chairman of Supervisory Board) Products : Automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles Revenue : 53.20 billion (2008) Operating income : 921 million (2008) Profit : 324 million (2008) Employees :100,040 (2008)Subsidiaries : Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Website :

2Bayerische Motoren Werke

BMW1913 Karl Rapp established Rapp Motoren Werke in Munich as bicycle factory1916 transform to aircraft-engine factoryAustro-Daimlers (V12)superviser gave Maxx who designed bmw111a 1917 name changed to BMW

3Models of BMW BMW 3-Series 320i (Petrol) Sedan Car Rs. 28,76,814

BMW 3-Series 320d (Diesel) Sedan Car Rs. 31,65,545

BMW 5-Series 523i (Petrol) Sedan Car Rs. 39,78,270

BMW 5-Series 530i (Petrol) Sedan Car Rs. 48,33,771

Bmw X-5 (Diesel) SUV Car Rs. 71,04,020

BMW 7-Series 730Ld (Diesel) Sedan Car Rs. 79,38,459

BMW 6-Series V8 (Petrol) Coupe Car Rs. 86,13,220

BMW 7-Series 740Li (Petrol) Sedan Car Rs. 85,80,084 4Competitors

5Sales of Different-Different Car Manufacturer6

What is Hire and Fire ?Back(Fire)Buy(Hire)SatisfyDissatisfy7RentHire Hold under a lease or rental agreement; of goods and services and if you like it you can also purchase it.Fire If you do not like it or after finish lease agreement return it back.

BMW Models Available On Lease

8BMW 1 Series Lease CarBMW 3 Series Lease CarBMW 5 Series Lease CarBMW 6 Series Lease CarBMW 7 Series Lease CarBMW Alpina Lease CarBMW M3 Lease CarBMW M5 Lease CarBMW M6 Lease CarBMW X1 Lease CarBMW X3 Lease CarBMW X5 Lease CarBMW X6 Lease CarBMW Z4 Lease Car

For Example: 1.BMW 3 Series 320i SE 2dr

327per month + VAT Annual Mileage: 10,000 milesContract Hire Term: 36 MonthsPayment Profile: 3 + 35Business Contract Hire Only (Personal Contract Hire Available On Request)

454per month + VATAnnual Mileage: 15,000 milesContract Hire Term: 24 MonthsPayment Profile: 3 + 23Business Contract Hire Only (Personal Contract Hire Available On Request)

2.BMW 5 Series Diesel Saloon (Pre Model) 520d SE 4dr [177]

BCG Matrix of BMW9

Performance of BMWs some models10

Light Rail Vs. BMW Lease11

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