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Transcript of Bmgt 411 athlete trax presentation

Marketing Plan

By Dominique Carino

Marketing Plan

College-Aged Individuals, 18-24College Club SportsNon-Athletic ClubsMillennialsFull-Time Students, Part-Time Team Managers

The Target Market

Secondary Marketing Research Race by age (15-19 Years)Race by age (20-24 Years)Income (Ages 15-24)Predominantly WhiteFollowed by African AmericanMost are making less than $10,000 per year.

The Target Market

DiverseBusyThriftyTechnologically ProficientMillenials

Ease of UseMobilityLow Cost

Selling Points for Millenials

For college-aged young adults involved in club sports or activities, AthleteTrax is the team management program that delivers detailed scheduling, easy payment options, and workout plans in one easy-to-use website.Positioning statementSTRENGTHSPrice (ITS FREE!)Step-by-Step InstructionsCalendarEasy Payment FeatureWorkout Logging FeatureSmart Phone-FriendlySWOT Analysis for AthleteTrax

WeaknessesLimited Member DealsNo AppMinimal Website DesignGeared Towards Sports Missing Other OpportunitiesSwot Analysis for Athletetrax

OpportunitiesBluefields went out of business.Expand focus beyond sports.Design an app.Integrate AthleteTrax with other apps and devices.Focus on digital marketing.ThreatsShift toward mobile use.Competitors teaming up with large sporting goods stores.

SWOT Analysis for athletetraxTeam SnapMany Tracking Options Snacks and Refreshments, Forms, etc.Calendar does not have many optionsGeared toward volunteer parentsBlue SombreroA Dicks Sporting Goods CompanyNo non-sport options availableProvides Web Design and Online RegistrationCompetitors

Essential for keeping customers engaged.Keep releasing new content.TwitterBlogProvide help.Instruction pop-ups for new users.Be available to contact.Easy email form on the websiteCommunicate via other channels as well Facebook, Twitter, etc.Customer Relations

Identify ProspectsCollege Clubs and SportsAges 18-24Differentiate CustomersSportsClubsInteract with CustomersDiscover customer needsCustomize Products to CustomersPartner with a diversity of equipment suppliers

Customer relationship managementTwitter Promoted TweetsUse VisualsConsider TimingTarget Users Based on Who They FollowCompetitors (Blue Sombrero, Team Snap)Related Companies (Dicks, Other Sporting Goods Providers)Related Media (ESPN, etc)Set a Daily BudgetPlace BidsKeep Interest with Non-Promoted TweetsReaching the target market

FacebookBoost postsChoose specific targets age, interests, behaviors, and connectionsChoose payment per day or per clickShare content from partners, related media (ESPN), etc.Integrate Facebook and Twitter PostsTwitter: 5-10-second video teasersFacebook: Longer videosTestimonialsAthlete/Coach ProfilesHighlights From Users GamesTeams send in footage = $0Interviews guerrilla styleReaching the target market

Google AdWordsChoose Specific KeywordsEx: Intramural Rugby Team ManagementMore relevant keywords = a more visible spot for your adSpecify Geographic LocationUse Visually Appealing AdsConsider Ad Placement on Search Results PageChoose Daily BudgetNo minimum requirementDetermine Maximum Amount to Pay Per ClickHigher max amount = higher ad placementReaching the target market

18DIY App ProgramsCheaperBuildFire, appsbar, EachScapeApp DevelopersSubmit your project and budget for review by the companyTalk to a professionalCreate a contractCrew Determines cost based on:Type of app (Apple iOS/Android)How users log in (Email/Social Media)Whether users create personal profilesHow the developer wants to profit from the appWhether users rate/review thingsWhether the app connects with a websiteAesthetic design/complexityNeed of an app icon

Designing an app TwitterTweet Every DayBoth Promoted and Non-Promoted TweetsEngage with CustomersPromote Points-of-DifferenceVisualsShort VideosTeam Pic of the WeekGoogle AdWordsRun Ads Every DayHighly Targeted Ads Increase Visibility

FacebookWeekly ActivityBoth Regular and Boosted PostsLonger Videos, Related to TweetsTeam Pic of the WeekShare Industry News

2015 marketing planJanuary: New StartJanuary - February : Winter Sports, TrainingMarch May: Spring SportsJune-August: Summer SportsAugust-September: Start of School, ClubsSeptember-November: Fall SportsDecember: Training, Holiday Season2015 marketing planTwitter Promoted Tweets = $5,000About $13.70 per dayFacebook Boosted Posts= $5,2001 ad per week$100 per adGoogle AdWords = $6,000About $16.44 per day


Ad Development Through Crew = $41,300Apple iOS and Android = $15400Log-in Through Email = $3800Create Personal Profiles = $5800No profit From App = $0No In-app Ratings/Reviews = $0Connect with Website = $9600Stock App Design = $3800App Icon = $2900Total = $57,500

BudgetAthleteTrax: Sombrero:

sourcesGoogle AdWords: Snap: