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BluPrints clients share their unique formula and the success it has brought them since its implementation

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    The process was very professionally handled, and as a result staff were willing to give input freely. The Blueprints team were never seen as being intrusive and always retained the utmost confidentiality. From start to finish, the implementation met all milestones, and an enormous amount of ground was covered. We believe that we have developed a "formula" that truly reflects our organisation, because all employees participated in the process, and because of the commitment, professionalism and expertise of the Blueprints team. Dr. Karen Toombs, Snr HRBP, Unisys Africa

    Our Success Formula created with the Blueprints team has significantly clarified the unique way in which we conduct our business, both for ourselves and our stakeholders. It has brought about phenomenal results reflected in the form of positive trends measured by the ongoing Blueprints scoring system. The specific impact on customer focus, business acumen and general business efficiency has been experienced in a very positive and practical way. This process has certainly changed the way our people think about the business. Charles Duckitt, Sales Manager: RSA and Africa, Sasol Solvents and O&S

    The process was fascinating and enlightening, resulting in a formula which I believe will assist RE/MAX in achieving its goal sooner than planned, i.e. to be the No. 1 Real Estate Organisation in South Africa. Most importantly though it has been overwhelmingly bought into by our Broker/Owners, Associates and Support Staff, which means the uniqueness of our operation can now be evaluated on an ongoing basis and delivered to clients through an Above the Crowd RE/MAX experience. I look forward to continuing our association into the future. Bruce Swain, Managing Director, RE/MAX of Southern Africa The winning RE/MAX formula has taken the group to new heights. Press release FASA award: Best franchisor of the year 2003 All industries

  • "The Blueprints formula was THE best thing I ever did for my business. What started out as a process to make our Mission and Values come alive....moved along a path that seems to have no end in sight. Many things happened....we extracted our DNA... 'What made us great' and 'What could take us out'. We trained management and staff on our business and what makes it tick. We built a team across all levels that made us one. We pushed decision making down to all levels of the business. We gained a tool that helps explain the way we do business to clients that finds a win win solution. This empowered the sales team and made them ultimate partners with our clients. We use it for all HR related issues from hiring to performance management to bonus distribution. We use it to resolve problems in all areas of the business from shareholder level to our suppliers. The list is endless."- "Our formula has transformed our business. The whole process is fun and exciting. The visual impact is stimulating. Its all so simple really...but truly amazing. Terry Volkwyn, Chief Executive Officer, Primedia Broadcasting

    The team at Blueprints have developed a truly world class and ground-breaking innovative technology that has the capability to fundamentally change the way people understand what a business is and what makes it succeed or fail. P. Mark Drewell Head of Corporate Communication Barloworld Limited

    Our formula has changed the way we do things. The process brought people together in terms of understanding what makes us win or lose. This helped share a load, cascading it down from the directors to everyone. The formula and visuals give us both daily inspiration and a series of reality checks. Challenging projects or issues are immediately relocated for discussion to the boardroom and ideas are tested against the formula. We have no doubt it will play an increasingly important role going forward. Interestingly it also helps explain the way we work to clients, and is helping us work through issues where they exist to our mutual benefit. Peter Wallington, Managing Director, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide / South Africa

  • Our own DNA? Who would have thought that you could achieve this for ones business? From start to finish the process of extracting our DNA has been fantastic. It involved every single person in the organization and the beauty is that it now belongs to every one of us. We all made it and we all own it. The process to extract our DNA/culture was always going to be tricky but I can honestly say that the Blueprints team has been exceptional. They held our hand throughout and ensured the process was pure, refined and truly matched our principles and ideals. Having cracked our code and implemented the process in our business, we are extremely positive that this enables our staff and management to not only manage themselves, but to depersonalise any conflict, and make for an easier and more efficient work environment. Ken Varejes Group MD

    Deciphering the Quest formula for success was a truly exciting journey, and one which the entire company will never forget. It was an interesting exploratory process in distilling everyones thoughts and ideas into a mathematical equation, which led to the creation of artwork. The unveiling was launched to an absolute crescendo of emotions with all round buy-in. It has been the most creative and participative strategic tool that can be used to aspire to be even more successful than you are today. Now that we all know and measure our success dynamics in real terms, we all know how to live by them! The moments of truth of our Blueprints formula are experienced every single day in our business. "The biggest contributor to our current success on our Best Company to Work For (From position 66 in 2003 to 17 in 2004) can be 100 % attributed to the process we undertook with Blueprints on defining our Formula for Success Francis Khubedu Managing Director Quest

    Very rarely do we come across a company that exhibits true innovation and real paradigm shift. Blueprints not only wins on both accounts, but packages innovation with infectious and real passion. Its in what they do as well as the no rules manner in how they do it, that were proud to be associated with. We now live by our formula! Graham Leigh Director Harwood Kirsten Leigh McCoy

  • The Blueprints process has brought focus to the way we at SABC 3 do our business and has given us a wonderful tool to highlight and address the areas that have been identified as critical to the success of the channel. The visual representations of our Formula in our boardroom have also become a source of great fascination and conversation to all those that come into contact with them. However, the greatest achievement has been that it has lifted the spirits of our previously demoralised staff and has given them a tool to express their frustrations and aspirations. The monthly results also enable management to focus on those areas that require attention. The involvement and passion from Guy and his team is something that one does not experience too often. Blueprints comes highly recommended. Savannah Williams, Marketing Manager, SABC 3

    The DNA process has been an exciting journey for TCTA, which involved every staff member. Blueprints were tirelessly by our side giving direction, support and encouragement. The integrity of the system in securing individual confidentiality is immeasurable. At the time of inception, we did not fully realise the power of the tool in day-to-day operations - especially in focusing people behaviour and management practices. We are still learning how to apply it further into our business decision making processes. The impact of our DNA on self-awareness levels has been enormous, in terms of how we interact, do business and engage with our stakeholders. Martie van Rensburg Chief Executive Officer TCTA

    Cracking our Ginnetic Code was a remarkable achievement for our company which has experienced explosive growth since its inception in 1998. Blueprints unique methodology provided us with a process to decipher the core issues of our company, which as we continue to grow, will be crucial to our success. We are presently in the process of implementing the formula and are very excited that we now have a tool that will assist us in the way we do business internally and with our customers. We now have a common language and set of tools to assist us with our complex organization. We have found the Blueprints team to be very professional, responsive, entrepreneurial and innovative and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them. Steve Griessel Executive Vice President Ginn Clubs and Resorts Florida, USA

  • We have all given our commitment to live by our Formula for Success and our ICONS hang proudly at the BIDVest Network Solutions Head Office for all to see. The art gallery has created a high degree of interest with our visitors. The ultimate objective is to grow stronger, healthier and more successful. We will make the "DNA" of BIDVest Network Solutions come alive through our passion, energy and enthusiasm. Above all, the Blueprints team were terrific in the way they project managed the process. We would not have achieved this without their passion, energy and enthusiasm. Gareth Griffiths Managing Director BIDVest Network Solutions

    Being part of a global organization makes it difficult to identify what works for a specific region/country. The process of identifying our formula has helped to bring all stakeholders in the business tog