Bluemix Girls Night Out -- Introduction on Women in Tech

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Tips for Women in Technology!

Transcript of Bluemix Girls Night Out -- Introduction on Women in Tech

  • 1. 1Bluemix Girls Night OutNew York CitySandy CarterIBM GENERAL MANAGER, ECOSYSTEM DEVELOPMENTAND SOCIAL BUSINESS @sandy_carter

2. Register for 3. Agenda Welcome Sandy Carter Panel Session Bluemix Overview and Demo Hands-On Labs 4. women hold51%of positions in theworkforceBut only26% of thepositions in IT 5. 53%1.3%have a femalefounderVenture-backedstartups6.5%have aof tech companies woman CEOfounded by womenIn the 80S, 37%of computerscience majors were women; in2012,57% of bachelor'sdegrees are earned by women,12%of computer science degrees18% 6. KEEPCALMTHERE IS LOADS OFOPPORTUNITY1.4M# OF US-BASED COMPUTERSPECIALIST JOB OPENINGSEXPECTED BY 2020 7. IBMs Commitment to Women in Technology1. Focus on IBM Women: Support the growth, advancement,recognition, mentoring, networking, and retention of IBM's femaletechnical talent pool2. Attract and recruit qualified technical women to IBM (bothuniversity and professional)3. Long Term Outreach: Encourage girls and young women K-12 topursue education and careers in math, science, and technology7 8. One-week day camp for middle school girls to:enhance their interest in math and scienceintroduce girls to exciting technical careersprovide girls with female role modelsoffer an environment that nurtures interest inengineering, technology, and computer sciencematch young women with e-mentors8 2004 IBM Corporation 9. Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History9Laurel Thatcher Ulrich"Apr 7, 1916 Golden Flyer automobile NYC to San Fran" by Bain Collection - Library of Congress. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -,_1916_Golden_Flyer_automobile_NYC_to_San_Fran.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Apr_7,_1916_Golden_Flyer_automobile_NYC_to_San_Fran.jpg 10. But Women Pioneers at IBM sure have!11899 IBM hires first women1935Anne Van Vechten, credited for convincing Thomas J.Watson Sr. to hire women for professional positions.1943Ruth Leach (Amonette) named vice president, IBMsfirst female executive.1956Jeannette Kittredge Watson, appointed as the firstfemale member of the Board of Directors.1971Patricia Harris becomes first black femaleon the Board of Directors.198920072012Virginia Romettynamed IBMs first femalePresident & CEO18FemaleIBM Fellowssince 1989Fran Allen named the first female IBMFellowFran Allen named first female recipient ofthe A.M. Turing considered theNobel Prize in Computing 11. 3 Tips for Career Success Be Visible Communicate with IMPACT Be Confident & Assertive 12. Be Visible Seek out highly visible stretch and growth roles Network Mentors Build your eminence Help other women with advancement 13. Communicate with IMPACT 1Be Relevant Be Interactive Act and Listen Tell a story Leverage Social Media Tools 14. Be Confident & Assertive Speak up! You must present your ideas. Be passionate about your ideas. Help to build the agenda!1 15. IBM is a leader in the vibrant, strong and thriving NYC tech community!IBM continues support the growth of this communityDigital.NYC is built on Bluemix 16. Build your App on Bluemix!1 17. Key Takeaways There are Opportunities out there 3 Tips for Success Be Visible Communicate with Impact Be Confident Check out Digital.NYC Make History