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  • 1.Submitted By: Mital Patel Exam No : 60 BLUE TECHNOLOGIES [BLUE BRAIN & BLUE EYE]

2. Introduction Why Blue Brain ? How Human Brain Work ? How Blue Brain Work ? How To Upload Data To Virtual Brain? Advantages & Disadvantages Application Of Blue Brain BLUE BRAIN 3. Is it really possible to create a brain that reacts like a human brain? Could a simulated brain start to think, feel and experience the world as if it were an organic, human brain? The answer is YES Technology is growing faster than everything. If possible, IBMs BLUE BRAIN, an artificial brain that can think, respond, take decision, and keep anything in memory, would be the first virtual brain of the world. The goal is to reverse engineer the brain into a computer. INTRODUCTION 4. The man is called intelligent because of the brain. But we loss the knowledge of a brain when the body is destroyed after the death. Here Blue Brain comes in Picture. After the death of a person, virtual brain will act as a person so we will not lose the knowledge, intelligence, personalities, feelings and memories of that man that can be used for the development of the human society. Certain super brains like that of Bill Gates , Stephen Hawkings could be interfaced with computer to develop super computers. Why Blue Brain ? 5. The nervous system is our body's decision and communication centre. Every part of your daily life is controlled by 1. CNS [Central Nervous System] 2. PNS [Peripheral Nervous System] 3. Spinal cord Nervous Send Info to Spinal Cord Spinal Cord Speed Msg To Brain Brain Fires Response Send Instructions To Neurons Neurons Pass Instructions To Parts Of Body How Human Brain Works ? 6. Virtual brain is an artificial brain, which does not actually the natural brain, but can act as the brain. Blue Brain is a Virtual Brain, - Which can function as Brain - Which can Take Decision - Which can think - Which can Response - Which can keep things in Memory What Is Virtual Brain ? 7. The uploading is possible by the use of small robots known as the NANOBOTS. So small that they can travel through brain & spinal Will monitor activity of brain & structure of neurons Defines the Data using sensory technology , Then upload data to computer. They will provide an interface with computer. Nanobots Travel into spinal & Brain Scan Neurons to get data via Nanobots How To Upload Data To Virtual Brain? 8. The hardware & software required to build a Blue Brain 8,096 CPUs at 700 MHz each of which can map one or two simulated brain neurons 256MB to 512MB memory per processor. 100 kilowatts power consumption. Processor with a very high processing power. Very powerful Nanobots. Linux and C++ software. The IBMs Blue Brain at Lausanne Switzerland Requirements 9. Advantages Disadvantages Remembering things without any effort. Making decision without the presence of person. Using intelligence of a person after the death. Understanding the activities of animals. Global model of working human brain that is very useful in research. We become dependent upon the computer. Others may use technical knowledge against us. A very costly procedure. Computer viruses will pose an increasingly critical threat. Advantages & Disadvantages 10. A Novel Tool for Drug Discovery for Brain Disorders Using intelligence of a person after the death To store the intelligent persons brain, and use its IQ in research after his/her death. A Foundation for Whole Brain Simulations Solution of short term memory and volatile memory at the old age. Application 11. Introduction What Is Blue Eye ? How Blue Eye Work ? Application Of Blue Eye BLUE EYE 12. The BLUE EYES project was started at IBM's Almaden Research Centre in USA. The basic idea behind this technology is to give the computer the human power. Introduction 13. The Term BLUE EYES: - BLUE in the terms stands for Bluetooth, which enables reliable wireless communication. - EYES, because the eye movement enables us to obtain a lot of interesting and important information. Blue eye is a personal area network. It monitors and records the operators brain involvement as well as his physiological condition. For example, a Blue Eyes-enabled television could become active when the user makes eye contact, at which point the user could then tell the television to "turn on". What Is Blue Eye ? 14. Blue Eye is being developed on heart pulse rate, breathing rate, temperature , facial expressions, eye movements, voice etc. parameters. Blue Eyes uses sensing technology to identify a user's actions and to extract key information. This information is then analysed to determine the user's physical, emotional, or informational state, which in turn can be used to help make the user more productive. How Blue Eye Works ? 15. To detect human emotions 16. The first blue Eye enabled mass production device was POD, the car manufactured by TOYOTA. It could keep the driver alert and active. It could tell the driver to go slow if he is driving too fast. Also it could hear the driver some sort of interesting music when he is getting bored. Applications POD 17. IBM has released a robot called PONG, which is equipped with the Blue Eyes technology. PONG is capable of perceiving the person standing in front of it, smiles when the person calls his name, and expresses loneliness when it loses sight of the person. PONG Applications 18. Blue Eye - is a machine which contain Bluetooth. - is used to recognise a person. - is used to interact with a person. - can suggest. - can get information which travelling inside our mind automatically. The future of Blue Eye is very bright . It can be applicable also in automobile industry , in video games & useful for security purpose also. Conclusion