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A presentation used as a writing activity for Bachillerato

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  • The Blue Beauty 2 de BachilleratoJ.S. Elcano byCarmen Torres

A sand storm comes from the North of Africa to the Atlantic Ocean reaching the Canary Islands The Strait of Gibraltar, we can also see Cartagena The night comes into Europe and West Africa the Alps of Switzerland Iceland The Black Sea The Red Sea Isnt it marvellous? Look at a photo at dusk of Europe and Africa, on a clear day, without clouds, from a satellite in orbit.Observe how the lights are switched on in Paris and Barcelona, but not in London, Lisbonnor Madrid where the day is still clear. In the middle of the Ocean you can identify the Azores, Madeira, and beyond the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. The most impressive is the perfect display of Continental Shelves from the British Islands to Canada and the centre of Iceland. Dont click until all the items have appeared France Iceland Italy Continental Shelf England AFRICA Getting dark, at dusk Spain TheAtlantic Ocean The Cape Verde Islands The CanaryIslands The Madeira& Azores islands These first pictures from a satellite, show us the beginning of dusk any day. The first photo gives us a real view and the second, through a satellite effect, highlights the lights of the cities in the United States. In the Caribbean we can see the high brightness in Puerto Rico, especially the metropolitan San Juan and the north coast of its entire circumference. What a spectacle ! This photo gives us a vision of the United States at dusk. If you are surprised by the number of cities highlighted by the lights observe the next slide, which details a little moreand shows many other North American cities. In the next slide: Dont click until all the items have appeared This "stacking" of big lights, in order from top to bottom, areBoston ,New York ,PhiladelphiaandWashington . Miami Houston Dallas Chicago InCalifornia , it is still clear We see a greater number of cities, but due to the amount of lights it is difficultto know what it is! ,Puerto Rico Even immersed in the darkness of the universe the Earth is simply charming But pay attention to the distribution of lights in the planetRevealing! I hope you have enjoyed it! But now, you have to do something... Answer these questions: 1. What does this presentation suggest you? 2. What should we do about it? See you!