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Alternative Storytelling updated for BlogItSA! Conference at Geekdom, sponsored by Geekdom, ZippyKid and SiliconHIllsNews

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  • Alternative Storytelling Devices By L.A. Lorek Silicon Hills News BlogItSA! Sponsored by Geekdom, ZippyKid, SiliconHillsNews
  • So forget about blogs and bloggers andblogging and focus on this the costand difficulty of publishing absolutelyanything, by anyone, into a globalmedium, just got a whole lot lower. Andthe effects of that increased pool ofpotential producers is going to be vast. - Clay Shirky
  • Top Storytelling Devices Storify Youtube Slideshare Google Search Stories Animoto Tumblr Pinterest Cinch ImageThink Cartoons like the Oatmeal Prezi
  • Emerging Technologies Some are still in beta testing InfoActive Meograph Givit Splenvid