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Pre-awards reception

Transcript of Blogies: Behind the scenes

  • 1.The 2010 Blogie Awards Ofcial souvenir

2. The pre-Blogiesreception: Behind the scenes 3. The Blogies are milling around in the green room, getting ready for the big event. 4. I wonder what Red Blogie and Pink Blogie are discussing? 5. Blue Blogie and Other Red Blogie wonder who they will be leaving theceremony with ... 6. Umm-ah, Green Blogie! Your toupe tape is showing! 7. Everyone is awaiting the arrival of Golden Blogie. Where could she be? 8. A buzz lls the air ... 9. All heads turn as ... 10. Golden Blogie enters! 11. Everyone wants to be photographedwith Golden Blogie! 12. Look at Golden Blogies new hair style! It will be copied by Blogies for years to come. 13. Other Red Blogie andBlue Blogie get snapped with Golden Blogie. 14. A marvellous,full-lengthshot ofGolden Blogie. 15. All theBlogiestogether.You look stunning, Blogies! 16. Golden Blogie is photographed to theside ... 17. ... before joining all the Blogies forthe Ofcial Blogie Photograph. 18. Coming soon ... the Blogie Awards ceremony!