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The Anatomy of a Blockbuster AS Film Studies


PowerPoint to accompany AS Film Studies unit on what is a blockbuster

Transcript of Blockbusters

Page 1: Blockbusters

The Anatomy of a

BlockbusterAS Film Studies

Page 2: Blockbusters

Blockbuster» More than financial

» But it is key Profit Box office receipts

Page 3: Blockbusters

Blockbuster» What makes a punter got to the cinema

» Discuss

Page 4: Blockbusters

Task 1» What are the elements which make an

international blockbuster? Franchise Literature Other source

Page 5: Blockbusters

Stars» Expensive» Guarantee?

QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.

Page 6: Blockbusters

Producer/Director» Reputation» Style» Guarantee?

Page 7: Blockbusters

Global appeal» Main issue is

accessible to all» Weather» Global warming» Love story

Page 8: Blockbusters

Global Appeal» Gay cowboys do

not fill cinemas

Page 9: Blockbusters

Good v Evil

Page 10: Blockbusters

Good v Evil

Page 11: Blockbusters

Culture neutral» Offends no body» Assumes no cultural knowledge

Page 12: Blockbusters

Get it wrong?» Eg

Brassed off Kes Local Hero

Page 13: Blockbusters

Simple characterisations» Easy to

understand» Straightforward» Understandable » Uses stereotypes» Does not mess

with stereotypes

Page 14: Blockbusters


Page 15: Blockbusters

Save the world» Universal interest» Avert disaster» Save mankind

Page 16: Blockbusters

Love interest» Love universal» Sex sells» Romeo and Juliet» Love against the


Page 17: Blockbusters

CGI,Big production, pyrotechnics

Page 18: Blockbusters

CGI,Big production, pyrotechnics

Page 19: Blockbusters

Visual vs dialogue

Page 20: Blockbusters

Branding» Helps continuity» Note

Page 21: Blockbusters

Merchandise» Additional income

Page 22: Blockbusters