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MAGAZINE march 2011 vol. no. 1 issue no. 1 free in this issue: elizabeth wahl “weighing options” a publication of marianas variety


Marianas Variety's specialty publication, Bliss Magazine serves as wedding guide in the Northern Mariana Islands.

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M A G A Z I N Emarch 2011

vol. no. 1 issue no. 1 f ree

in this issue:

elizabeth wahl“weighing options”

a publication of marianas variety

march 2011 bliss 1

2 bliss march 2011


volume no. 1 issue no. 1

M A G A Z I N Emarch 2011

vol. no. 1 issue no. 1 f ree

in this issue:

elizabeth wahl“weighing options”

a publication of marianas variety

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BEHIND THE COVERElizabeth Wahl, news anchor of KSPN News, graces the cover of Mari-anas Variety’s specialty publication, bliss magazine. The moment Liz tried on the gown, right there and then, bliss magazine knew that she was meant to grace the cover.

The magazine explored all possible choices for location shoot. Owing to its novelty — a wedding on Mt. Tapochau — the magazine staffers and model found their way atop Saipan’s highest peak.

Photography by Raquel C. BagnolMakeup and hairstyle by Eydie Uy of HairspectationsBridal gown by Dollar Days Store, courtesy of Annette TaBouquet by Island Florals & Gifts courtesy of Philip CanutoCopyright ©2011

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march 2011 bliss 3

CHOOSING the perfect location for your wedding and reception can be one of the most daunting tasks in preparing for your wedding day. Each venue has its own uniqueness to contribute to your special day because the entire theme of the wedding depends on it, even the attire of the entourage and guests.

Different factors have to be considered in choosing your wedding venue such as the number of guests you are planning to invite, the location, the accessibility, the cost among other factors.

The picturesque islands can provide you with various options on where to hold your wedding — whether you want it in a landscaped garden, at the beach, in the church, in the mountains, or anywhere.

Island optionsThe islands have a lot of options

to hold your wedding ceremony and reception.

The Hyatt Regency Saipan has been host to thousands of weddings to both local and tourist couples. Acres of lush, tropical gardens complete with lagoons, a gazebo, bridges and showering fountains make for a wonderful backdrop as the couple makes its way to the charming chapel for the ceremony.

Hyatt prides on its Giovanni Restaurant as one of the most ideal venues for reception. Hyatt offers a gold wedding menu which covers a wide selection of salads and appetizers, soups, carving, hot entrees, and mouth-watering desserts.

Way up north is Saipan’s Aqua Resort Club, a tropical resort amid swaying palms overlooking the wide expanse of the Pacific ocean.

ARC offers different reception venues from the beach front, the Raraina Café where guests can share your memorable day, the Costa Rica restaurant which offers spectacular window views of the pool and the ocean, or the poolside with the blue waters in the backdrop.

The Aqua Resort Club has no set menu for weddings but you can browse through their menu and customize your choices.

In the heart of Garapan is the Hafa Adai Beach Hotel which boasts of a cozy chapel at the far end of the pools and overlooking the ocean, a perfect venue for the wedding ceremony. Exchange vows and enjoy with your guests in this location where the clear sky and the ocean meet to create a perfect backdrop.

Perched on the 10th floor of the Crystal Tower is the Dolphin Restaurant, a perfect venue which offers a panoramic view of the sun, sky, sea and the island through clear glass windows to hold your wedding reception. Hafa Adai’s Fiesta Hall is another option. If you want to hold it outdoors, you can go for the Sunset Gardens or the poolside.

If you are planning to hold your wedding in the nearby historic island of Tinian, JC Café is one of the best venues. The Café can seat from 80 to 100 guests.

With its merry mix of modern and antique decoration, JC Café offers

high-tech sound system facilities and a spacious dance floor ideal for the reception programs.

Browse through the wide selection of delectable dishes from JC Café’s menu, or better yet go for the local dishes if you want to serve authentic island flavors for your reception.

Whatever venue you decide on, pay it a visit first to get a feel of the place then you can plan all the other details from there to make everything move as smooth as you want on your wedding day.

r ise to the occasion

text by raquel c. bagnol

wine and dine

4 bliss march 2011

the look

AS your wedding day is going to be one of the most treasured days in your life, you would want to look your best and feel stunningly beautiful.

This is one day in your life when you can contact the experts and allow them to wave their magic wands and transform you from your everyday look into something that will dazzle them.

Gone are the days when bridal hair involves pinning every tendril tightly so that the bride will suffer uncomfortably throughout the ceremony. These days, the bride and groom can choose whatever they want as long as they feel comfortable.

Today’s trend is simple but elegant makeup and bridal hair so it will complement and not compete with your bridal gown.

Choosing a bridal hair and make-up artist that you will be comfortable with is important. Don’t hesitate to tell your hairstylist and makeup artist if you are not comfortable because it will show. Here are some options for today’s bride and groom to get that healthy and radiant look for your wedding day.

Serenity & SpaA totally glowing face and skin cannot be achieved in one

day, and because Serenity and Spa believes that every bride and groom should look their best on their most special day, the spa offers a special beauty ritual package two months before the wedding day. Package A includes three sessions each for whitening, facial with diamond peel and hair treatments, manicure and pedicure, and hair and makeup trial. Package B includes only two sessions of the mentioned rituals.

text and photo by raquel c. bagnol

faces and tresses

march 2011 bliss �

the look

Serenity Saloon and Spa also caters to clients who want just actual hair and makeup services during the wedding day.

Hair SpectationsTo ensure that perfect look on

your wedding day, Hairspectations Salon makeup artist and hair dresser Eydie Uy invites would-be brides to consult them as far as a month before the wedding day.

Uy said that they offer free trial makeup sessions for brides and their bridal entourage as well to experiment with different looks and styles.

As every bride has different choices, Uy said they need to look at the wedding gown to determine what hairstyle and makeup will fit you.

“With us, you are in good hands. Let us handle all your make-up and bridal hair matters. Just relax and we’ll take care of everything to make you look spectacular,”

Uy said. A former president of the Filipino Hairdressers Association of the CNMI, Uy brings with him over three decades of experience in working with thousands of brides and entourage from all walks of life so you can expect nothing but the best.

Hairspectations also offers home service makeup and hairdressing for weddings.

TrendsVisit Trends in San Jose to achieve

that perfect look that you had been dreaming of for years for your wedding day.

You can make reservations for hair and makeup at Trends as early as one week before your wedding, or earlier than that if you want to experiment with different styles and looks.

Trends has been instrumental in making brides and grooms look stunning and feeling wonderful as they march down the aisle to start a

new phase of life together.Trends accepts home service so

you and your whole entourage can avail of makeup and hairdressing services at the comfort of your home.

Hair Studio Hair Studio is another better

option to help you look stunningly beautiful on your wedding day. Remember that every eye will be trained on you throughout the event. As the center of attraction, it helps if you feel beautiful and radiant in and out.

Hair Studio recommends consulting them at least two weeks before the big day so you will have enough time to experiment with whatever looks that will produce your desired results.

To sum it up, your wedding is one of the most precious moments in your life, a day that you will remember forever. Feel and look your best.

6 bliss march 2011

scents & sensibi l i t ies

FLOWERS play a big role in wedding ceremonies for thousands of years all over the world. From the church to the reception area, to the bouquet carried by the bride and even to the flowers on the lapels of the sponsors, parents and the whole entourage.

More than just flowers, the floral arrangements in the church

can make a big difference in the ceremony, and the centerpieces in the reception add to make your special day more meaningful.

The wide choices of flowers and the decisions on arrangements may be overwhelming for any couple who plans to get married, but you can always seek the help of experts to lift this burden from your

shoulders.If carefully chosen, flowers

can brighten up the church or wedding venue and the reception hall. One thing to consider is choosing seasonal flowers to help you save money. Your florist can come up with simple but elegant arrangements without charging you a fortune if you know what flowers are the best during your wedding.

You can seek the assistance of wedding planners to help you refine your ideas with their suggestions

Wedding bouquetYour wedding bouquet plays a

big role during your special day. From the simple to the more lavish bouquet, whether it is a dozen red roses with baby’s breath, white lilies, carnations, orchids, violets, chrysanthemums, daisies, or a profusion of colorful assorted flowers, your bouquet will attract a big deal of attention throughout the ceremony so be sure to know what you want. Your wedding bouquet should be something that reflects your ideas and your preferences

Island Florals and GiftsIsland Florals and Gifts has

been providing exquisite floral arrangements in churches and reception halls for the past years to a growing list of satisfied clients.

If you want specific flowers for your wedding day, make sure you place your orders way ahead of time, but if you want a simple

flower pickingtext by raquel c. bagnol

photos by edwin sta. theresa

Models: Michelle & MylaBridal gown by: Pena HouseBouquet by: Island Florals & Gifts

march 2011 bliss 7

scents & sensibi l i t ies

wedding, two weeks of advance notice will do.

Most of the flowers have to be shipped from the mainland and needs more time. Ordering in advance also gives allowance for unnecessary delays in delivery.

Island Florals and Gifts manager, floral designer and wedding planner Philip O. Canuto offers clients a totally hassle- and stress-free wedding so you will have more time to attend to your personal needs. Let Island Florals and Gifts take care of the whole occasion for you.

Canuto said that they have several options in wedding packages where they will take care of all details from start to finish — from the invitations, gowns and tuxedo, clothes for the entourage, floral arrangements, wedding cake, giveaways, photos and videos and everything else.

Planning the whole wedding takes

from three to six months, but this depends on the size and location of the wedding.

For more information, please email [email protected] or visit

Dollar DaysThere is more than you think in

planning for a wedding, but having somebody take care of the details for you to have a perfect wedding makes all the difference.

Dollar Days can help create a perfect plan for your special day. Check out their wedding package which includes flowers for the whole entourage, corsage, boutonniere, basket of flowers for the flower girls, and floral arrangements for the church and reception hall.

Dollar Days is located on the ground floor of Dollar Days Building in Garapan. For reservations or inquiries, please call 233-2828.

� bliss march 2011

spot l ight

IN a castle is where she’ll be on her wedding day. A huge door swings open with a long red carpet leading to an altar while a choir serenades the bride as she gingerly approaches the groom on the altar.

Elizabeth “Liz” Wahl has been dreaming of one day having her wedding in a castle somewhere in Europe and may be with all the trappings of royalty. Ideal as

it sounds, a wedding in a castle may be a little difficult to have considering she would like her family and friends around on her wedding day.

“Well, ideally, I would like it in a castle. I just don’t know where exactly. I just like the idea of classic settings. But if I would have it in a castle somewhere in Europe, then I

weighing optionstext by alexie villegas zotomayor

photos by raquel c. bagnol

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march 2011 bliss 9

Makeup and hairstyle by Eydie Uy of HairspectationsBridal gown by Dollar Days Store, courtesy of Annette TaBouquet by Island Florals & Gifts courtesy of Philip Canuto

10 bliss march 2011

won’t be able to have my family and friends,” muses the KSPN anchor.

Thinking she would rather have friends and family around, she says she could settle for a “castlesque” setting for a big wedding that she has always dream of having. As ties that bind are important to her, Liz does not want any of relatives and friends left out, especially those who have made a difference in her life.

Although tastes do change and evolve, Liz says for now a big wedding is what she would like to

have. With a Camelot wedding

reception planned, it’s time to pick clothes. “I am going to be picky when it comes to my dress.” She says she’ll know what she wants when she goes shopping for a bridal gown. As for the designer of the gown, Liz says, “Well I thought about it. A Vera Wang dress would be nice. I haven’t seen the price tags on it.”

She shares with bliss magazine that she likes “a longer kind of train and probably strapless. I don’t have the exact picture in my mind. When I see it, try it on, and feel it, I’ll know that it’s the dress.”

Asked whom she would rather not miss on one of her life’s most important occasions Liz says she would like her family to be there. Second in a brood of five, Liz — who served as maid of honor to her older sister — would like her younger sister to fill the shoes of the maid of honor on her wedding day.

On wedding day, she also tinkers with the idea of practicing a Filipino tradition of releasing doves and sprinkling rice. Liz, whose mother is Filipina and whose father is American, says the Filipino wedding tradition also appeals to her. “I think I remember in my parents’ wedding,

spot l ight

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march 2011 bliss 11


A PICTURE is a moment in time captured forever, and video captures memorable moments in real time as it happens for you to treasure forever.

Your wedding day is the most memorable day of your life. The ceremony will be over in a few hours, but the emotions and memories are there to stay. You have gone to so much work to prepare all the big day since you decided to get married, and naturally, you want everything to go perfect to a T.

Choosing the right photographer and videographer to document your wedding day is very important

if you want to immortalize your special day.

These days, almost everyone has access to digital cameras and videocams and you may want to save money by accepting offers from well-meaning friends who would volunteer to capture your wedding moments for free. This is practical, but if they are not professionals, do not expect to get the best.

Choosing the right photographer and videographer for your wedding day can mean a world of difference between keeping a set of ordinary souvenir photos or leafing through an album of spectacular

photographs or reliving the beautiful memories and sentiments on videos.

It is important to find a photographer and videographer who is sensitive enough to capture your moods, emotions, the drama and everything on your wedding day.

Here are two of the most popular professional companies that offer both photo and video packages in the CNMI.

Digital Motion Digital Motion Video Production

helps you reach your ultimate imagination in documenting the most important details of your

captured moments

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text by raquel c. bagnol

12 bliss march 2011

s i lhouet tes

curves and silhouettestext and photo by raquel c. bagnol

CHOOSING a gown for your wedding is one of the most important things that any bride looks forward to. Most girls grew up with dreams of walking down the aisle dressed in folds of white to marry the man of her dreams.

With all the anxiety and excitement of preparation, you may go through racks and racks of wedding gowns and will not see what you wanted. The options are wide, and when you finally see the gown of your dreams, you will know it. Sometimes, your dream gown had been designed in your mind years ago and all you need to do is tell your seamstress all about it.

The wedding dress is symbolic of the bride, and your gown should reflect your unique personality. Remember that the entire occasion will revolve around your gown.

For today’s brides, the wedding gown choices are endless. Whatever color and design you

have in mind, name it and it’s in the market. You can choose a simple wedding gown, or go for the most elaborate one if you can afford it, a gown that will be talked of for the next months. You can go for the traditional white wedding gown, or be bold and go for splashes of daring colors. You also have the option of renting or buying your own wedding gown, options which has its ups and downs.

If you want to buy your own wedding gown, check out Pena House in Chalan Kanoa. The store carries a wide selection of wedding gowns that come complete with accessories from head gear, veil, shoes, jewelry and everything else you would need. If nothing catches your fancy from the shelves, let Pena House create a customized wedding gown for you in as little as 10 days.

Pena House can also take care of all the clothing needs for your

groom and the whole entourage, for all sizes.

Pena House is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday, and from 12 noon to 5 p.m. on Sundays.

Dollar Days in Garapan also offers a wide selection of wedding gowns and gowns for the whole entourage. Dollar Days offers gowns of all sizes for rent, or for sale.

Browse through the racks of Dollar Days to find that particular gown that speaks volumes about your personal tastes as you bid goodbye to single blessedness.

Whatever style or design, color and fabric you want for your wedding gown, go for it. Remember it is one very special day in your life, and if you haven’t found your dream gown yet, continue looking. Somewhere along the racks, the perfect one to suit your personality and make you shine is out there waiting for you.

march 2011 bliss 13

they had doves. I want to do that.”She also thought about the

practice of pinning money in various denominations on the bride’s gown at the wedding reception. Most importantly, she’s also toying with the idea of following the Filipino tradition of having the groom foot on the bill. For Liz, that is one tradition she would certainly not forget invoking.

As for her honeymoon, Liz has been imagining escaping to Bora Bora for a more intimate time with her future husband. “I remember looking on the Internet and I came across bungalows in Bora Bora. It just looks like a picture of paradise. That’s where I want my honeymoon to be.”

While nursing a cup of coffee over dinner and exchanging light conversations, Liz and bliss magazine staff segued into backtracking and talking about engagement and what Liz’ thoughts are of how she wants to be

proposed to. In between sips of coffee, she

admits having high expectations. “I have high expectations. He’ll have to do some good planning.” Liz explains that it doesn’t have to be expensive but one that she’ll remember for a very long time.

“He just has to be creative. It should be something he puts thought into it,” she says.

Liz says she would like to do the wedding only once as she always thought of having one big event. However, she also points out that she also would like to have one wedding in her lifetime if she could have her way. Hopefully I don’t do it over and over again with a different person. I want to do it once and do it right.”

And do it right like her parents did is what she envisions. For Liz, marriage is finding a partner she can trust and talk with on an equal level and with respect. She points

out that a modicum of attraction must be present.

When the conversation shifts high gear to talking about having kids, Liz has a ready response. “I don’t want kids right now. I don’t want too many, may be two, three at the most.” She reasons she would like her child to have a sibling to grow up and play with.

But, Liz says these are all things yet to occur in the future. She says, “Not right now. I’ll know when the time is right.”

She confides that she has always wanted to progress in her career first. “That’s important to me.”

But she’s not closing her door yet to that prospect as she hopes to have the best of both worlds — striking a good balance between a happy married life and a thriving career. If and when the opportunity presents itself, when it’s time to get married, she’ll weigh her options and hopes she makes the right pick.

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spot l ight

14 bliss march 2011

sweet tooth

NEXT to the wedding gown, the wedding cake is the next most-talked about item on your special day, and any wedding would just never be complete without a cake.

Those delightful and tasty wedding cakes hog the limelight at the reception table and become the central piece in your wedding theme.

Choosing the right cake could be a daunting task but there are many wonderful ideas that can help make your special day more memorable.

You can design your wedding cake to fit your personalities and match your own tastes, but if you can’t make up your mind, you can always consult the experts for assistance.

EbisuyaEbisuya has become a household

name for delicious wedding cakes that can be made as late as one day before the wedding for simple cakes, or a week to a month before for more complicated designs.

Ebisuya provides different flavors of wedding cakes such as strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mocca, cream cheese, blueberry, fruitcake, or a combination of any of the available flavors. Dual flavored wedding cakes are also becoming the trend.

Available cake sizes are 19 x 14 inches, and 10 x 14 inches for square cakes, and 7 and 9 inches for round cakes. Round cakes vary from $115 to $210 up to three

layers, and from $155 to $200 for square cakes, depending on the design, flavor and the trimmings you want. Putting fresh flowers on your wedding cake is a popular option in the islands.

Ebisuya’s secret in producing delicious wedding cakes are their master chefs who have been trained by Japanese experts and the fact that the cakes are not that sweet, even the topping — soft and smooth icing that you can dig right to it.

“Our wedding cakes are created straight from the heart” is Ebisuya’s promise.

Herman’s BakeryHerman’s Bakery has been

providing wedding cakes of various flavors and sizes to the island for the

sweet temptationstext and photo by raquel c. bagnol

march 2011 bliss 1�

past decades.Regular flavors at Herman’s

Bakery include vanilla, chiffon and marble cakes. For special flavors, you can go for chocolate, velvet, mocca, marble supreme, tropical surprise and other flavors, depending on customer’s preferences.

Some of Herman’s wedding cakes need to be refrigerated because of the icing, so the venue is one thing you have to consider. No problem is expected if reception is held in an air-conditioned room. If done outdoors, then it may pose a challenge.

Icing options include marshmallow, light cream or the regular butter cream.

Herman’s Bakery assures clients of personalized services.

“When you come to us for your wedding cakes, you will get full assistance and help you with your choices and decisions,” Herman’s

Anne Hayes said. Layered wedding cakes range

from $280 to $600, complete with all the trimmings. Orders must be placed at least a week in advance for ordinary cakes, and up to a month for special cakes, especially if you want fondant flowers but you can opt for fresh flowers on your cake, too.

Layers of various flavored cupcakes are also available if you want it for a change from the traditional wedding cake.

If you are on a tight budget, feel free to say so and Herman’s Bakery can come up with a beautiful cake to suit your budget.

Marg’s KitchenMarg’s Kitchen is another

establishment that provides a wide selection of the best wedding cakes ever for the past 20 years. Marg’s Kitchen prides itself in producing delicious and moist cakes of various flavors such as velvet, devil cake,

angel food cake, carrot cake and more.

Marg’s Kitchen offers three options. Package A is a two-layer cake measuring 8 x 3 and 12 x 3 inches with trimmings at $80. Package B is a two-layer cake measuring 10x3 and 16 x 3 inch cakes for $125, while Package C includes three layers measuring 8x3, 10x3 and 16x3-inch cakes with trimmings. All packages include fresh flowers but rental for the cake stand is not included in the package prices.

A catalogue is available for you to browse at Marg’s Kitchen if you have not decided on a particular design. If you already know what your wedding cake should look like, place your orders at least two weeks up to one month before the event.

Don’t be shy about telling your cake supplier what whatever design and flavor you want for your special day.

sweet tooth

16 bliss march 2011

special day. With over a decade of

experience in video production and photographing weddings in addition to all other events, you can be assured of being in good hands with Digital Motion.

Production manager Edwin Sta. Theresa said that entrusting this very special day in your life to them assures you of the best quality you can get on island, at very competitive rates.

“At Digital Motion, your wish is our command, and you are not merely a client but someone whose desires matter. Not only do we offer quality work in video and photography, but we make suggestions if our clients need it, and maintain lasting relationships with them,” Sta. Theresa said.

Count yourself lucky to join the growing list of satisfied couples who have hired the services of Digital Motion to capture the memorable

wedding moments. Call Digital Motion at least three

weeks before your wedding at 235-6603 or 287-9413, email [email protected] or visit them on the third floor of the Marianas Business Plaza in Susupe.

Ed Propst PhotographyFormerly known as Pacific Digital

Media, Ed Propst Photography has been providing professional video and photography services for weddings across the islands for the past years.

Professional photographer Ed Propst said their photography packages range from $650 and up.

“Aside from providing the best photography coverage for weddings, our packages include captivating DVD slideshows and wedding albums with Spanish leather covers,” Propst said.

Ed Propst Photography does not require advanced reservations but highly recommend it, as their

summers get booked quickly.Propst has photographed over a

hundred weddings of all sizes and have enjoyed each and every one.

“Passion is my fuel for photography. My photos speak for themselves. I don’t just take photos. I capture life’s most precious moments,” he said.

It seems these days, everybody who buys a digital SLR and dabbles in Photoshop is suddenly a pro. I believe quality, attention to detail, and experience still separates the pros from the amateurs,” Propst said.

Call 287-7883 or e-mail [email protected] to set up an appointment.

It is important for you to meet with your photographer/videographer before the wedding so you can discuss with them what you want.

Someday, when the road gets tough, you can always leaf through photo albums and recapture those special moments.

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