Black and white Techniques

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Black And White

By Sam LoftusBlack And Whitelighting/tone

This is an interacting way to light this ballerina, it almost looks like a shadow gown. And this is done by having her lean agents the background and the light running down it.

The pic is what Ive seen as the common movie star photograph and this is the light hitting the model from a 45 degree up high on her left side.

The light here on the right side of her face looks intersect were the one in darkness look mysteries and sinister.composition/framing

This is the main subjects in the middle with the her legs making a triangle with the ground.

This one there faces are slightly merged making it strange to the eye because their faces are in two different directions.

In this one the distortion caused by the glass of water creates an abstract effect.angle of shots/vantage point

This is a high shot makes the woman looked victimised.

This slightly lowered shot presents a level of power or trust towards this individual.

This really high shot detracts attention away from the woman and instead towards the background.subject matter/use of propsThe subject matter is completely covered freckles which causes the viewer to focus on the eyes.

This image has a woman smoking whilst handling a camera, this gives it an urban feel.

This image is unique as it uses other means to display a message.background/depth of field

This has long depth of field due to the feet being in focus as well as the mast in the background.

This has a mid depth of field as the subject is a substantial distance away but is still in focus as well as his drink.

This is a close up depth of field as only the old gentlemen is in focus.