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ormation Warehourse Management (2.0B /2.1C) Business Information WarehouseRelease 2.0B/2.1CLevel 3Authors:Stephan r!n"ler# Christof Lit$ners"i1 %&to'er 2001BW210 ( Business Information Warehouse ) Warehouse *ana+ementInstru&tor ,ui-e .e/ to I&ons in the Instru&tor ,ui-e:Timing

Next Slide(s)InstructorDemonstrationExercisesSummaryObjectivesBusiness ScenarioHints and Tis!arning or "aution S#$ #% B!&'("ourse DetailsConta&ts at SA0 1!alldor) *Subsidiaries *Course 2etails 3Duration +"ourse ,aterials +"ountry-seci)ic .nits +Course Instru&tor 0rofiles 4/evel o) 0no1ledge 2e3uired 4"ourses 2ecommended as $rearation 4Online Hel 2ecommended as $rearation 4Hints on $rearing T5is "ourse 4rainin+ S/stem 5Data 2e3uired 6.ser IDs and $ass1ords )or "ourse $articiants 6$rearation in t5e System6Tec5nical Hints 7#dditional In)ormation7,oals an- %'6e&tives 7"ourse Objectives 8"ourse Structure and 9lo1 8Course S&he-ule 108nit 1: Course %vervie9 148nit 2: 2ata Warehousin+ %vervie9 158nit 3: *ulti)2imensional 2ata *o-elin+ 218nit 1: he BW 2ata *o-el 2:8nit 3: 2ataflo9 in BW an- ;A1 to >A>%0 min.&reak>0 min. Unit C: Operational Data Store 7nstr")tor Sli'es, DemosF0 min.L"n)h &reak%0 min. Continue: Operational Data Store7nstr")tor Sli'es, Demos10 min. St"'ent D-er)ises CA1 to CA1%0 min. Unit #: Data ed Web AccessThis sli'e s"mmarizes the important feat"res of the mySA3.)om +orkpla)e as an Dnterprise 3ortal:- 3ersonalization 5thro"*h roleA2ase' )on)ept: "sers only see hat they nee'6- Central a))ess: lo* on to mySA3.)omA+orkpla)e offers a))ess to all ' October &((' $age &( S#$ #% B!&'("ourse Details)onne)te' systems 5/01, &+, ...6- Appli)ations- Ser$i)es- 7nformation#ySAP6co# Wor;place as a Corporate PortalThis sli'e sho"l' 'emonstrate the ay a mySA3.)omA+orkpla)e )an really look like.Publis'in to t'e Web ? Interactive 1rap'icsSA3A&+AH"eryA/es"lts )an 2e p"2lishe' to the 7nternet an' )an 2e transforme' to )harts 5if ante'6. These )harts rea)t intera)ti$ely to "ser a)tions like settin* filter $al"es, 'rill 'ons 2y )onte-t sensiti$e men"s ...2W Infor#ation in t'e #ySAP6co# Wor;place 8I9S")h a )hart of a SA3 &+ +e2Ap"2lishe' I"ery )an 2e easily inte*rate' into the mySA3.)om +orkpla)e that is shon 2y this sli'e an' the ne-t sli'e.De#onstration of 2W Infor#ation in t'e #ySAP6co# Wor;place 5 min"tesThe instr")tor may also 'emonstrate this. 5"se an a$aila2leSA3 7DDS +orkpla)e system6.2W Infor#ation in t'e #ySAP6co# Wor;place 8II9Another e-ample of a SA3 &+ &D-H"ery 2ein* p"2lishe' to the +e2 an' inte*rate' into the mySA3.)om +orkpla)e.The mySA3.)om +orkpla)e represents one ;fa)e= of &+A/eportin*.2W Infor#ation in t'e 2(3 2rowser&'e SAP 2W 2(3 2rowser represents a second @faceA of 2W !eportin6De#onstration of 2W Infor#ation in t'e 2(3 2rowser 5 min"tesThe instr")tor may also 'emonstrate this. 5"se the &D- &roser an' )onne)t to this eek:s &+ Trainin* Ser$er@ open any ork2ook6Data Ware'ousin $verview. Unit Su##ary,o e3ercise in t'is unitB' October &((' $age &' S#$ #% B!&'("ourse Details' October &((' $age && S#$ #% B!&'("ourse DetailsUnit C. Multi-Di#ensional Data Modelin:+ #in6Contents of Unit.Data benc5 - ObjectsSL2SLODSOODS-ObjectSL2SLTOO/SBusiness Exlorer - Tools' October &((' $age 4+ S#$ #% B!&'("ourse DetailsAut'ori>ationsAn a"thorization itself )onsists of the $al"es that sho"l' 2e alloe' for a )ertain fiel' in an a"thorization o29e)t. +ith re*ar' to the e-ample that ill 2e 'one in this "nit:s e-er)ise this sli'e shos some a"thorizations for the 7nfoO29e)t ?0COSTCD(TD/:.A ne)essary prereI"isite for s")h an a"thorization is to set "p the fla* ?a"thorization rele$an)e: in the 7nfoO29e)t:s 'efinition.Then yo" )an )reate in'i$i'"al a"thorizations for the ?Cost )enter:$LAP Aut'ori>ations in SAP 2W7n SA3 &+ /eportin*Aa"thorizations are han'le' 2y the OLA3A3ro)essor.Te)hni)ally, reportin* a"thorizations are also represente' 2y profiles, a"thorizations an' a"thorization o29e)ts.#s already exlained on earlier slides in t5e area @2eortingA t5ere are no S#$ delivered aut5oriCation objects=#ut5oriCation objects in t5e area @2eortingA are called 2eorting Objects=This term is "se' if an a"thorization has a 'efine' referen)e to one or more 7nfoC"2e5s6 5in hi)h the "n'erlyin* 7nfoO29e)t is "se'6.2W !eportin $b4ectsD"rin* the 'efinition of an a"thorization o29e)t in the area ?/eportin*: yo" )an enter 'ifferent fiel's:- one fiel' represents key fi*"res- f"rther fiel's represent a"thorization rele$ant )hara)teristi)s- f"rther fiel's )an 2e hierar)hy no'es!eportin $b4ectsOn)e a referen)e to one or more 7nfoC"2e5s6 is sa$e' the 'efinition of the /eportin* O29e)t is )omplete'.5This ill also 2e 'one '"rin* this "nit:s e-er)ise6.Steps for Creatin a !eportin $b4ect - Choose an 7nfoO29e)t for hi)h an a"thorization sho"l' 2e )reate': makethis 7nfoO29e)t a"thorization rele$ant - Create an a"thorization o29e)t for reportin* - Assi*n the reportin* o29e)t to an 7nfoC"2e - Create a"thorizations ith the $al"es 5that sho"l' 2e alloe' to 2e seen in /eportin*6!e#ar;s7t is important to p"t emphasis on these remarks:- a"thorizations for )hara)teristi)s are only )he)ke' if the 7nfoO29e)t is a"thorization rele$ant an' the 7nfoO29e)t is part of the /eportin* O29e)t ith referen)e to an 7nfoC"2e- it is ne)essary to ha$e eno"*h a"thorization for free )hara)teristi)s' October &((' $age 44 S#$ #% B!&'("ourse Details- for ea)h a"thorization rele$ant 7nfoO29e)t 5not 2ein* part of the I"ery6 ;:= as minimal a"thorization is reI"ire'!eportin Aut'ori>ations. An (3a#pleT5e erson 15o is resonsible )or t5e cost center ((' needs an aut5oriCationto see t5e detailed amounts on 5is cost center=!or all the other )ost )enters the same person sho"l' not 2e a2le to see the 'etaile' amo"nts, 2"t the a**re*ate' $al"es.De#onstration of Creation and Usae of !eportin aut'ori>ation 7E #inutesDemo the parts 10A1, 10A%, 10A1 an' 10AJ of the e-er)ise of this "nit:10A1 ation Kariables IIThis sli'e shos to s)reenshots ho to 'efine s")h an a"thorization $aria2le.' October &((' $age 46 S#$ #% B!&'("ourse DetailsAut'ori>ation Kariables IIIUsa*e of an a"thorization $aria2le in the I"ery 'efinition.5This topi) is also part in the )o"rse &+%0>, or &+(A01 in (orth Ameri)a6.De#onstration of aut'ori>ation variables 0+ #inutesDemo the part 10A5 of the e-er)ise of this "nit:Create an a"thorization $aria2le an' implement fle-i2le rea'in* of a"thorize')ost )enters in the I"ery 'efinition 2y "sin* the 'efine' a"thorization $aria2le.Aut'ori>ation Concept. Co#ple3ity of Infor#ationOeep )areK A$oi' hi*h )omple-ity in yo"r a"thorization )on)ept.Try to *et the reI"ire' system se)"rity 2y 'efinin* yo"r a"thorities on a hi*h le$el 5in the pyrami'6.Aut'ori>ations in 2W. Unit Su##ary(3ercises 0+-0 to 0+-E. Aut'ori>ations in 2W C+ #in.' October &((' $age 47 S#$ #% B!&'("ourse DetailsUnit 00. 2usiness Content:+ #in6Contents of Unit.&"siness Content )omponents/oleA2ase' an' in'"stryA2ase' )ontent&"siness Content implementationTransport )onne)tionSA3 'emo )"2es $verviewUnit $b4ectives2usiness Scenario2usiness Content isLTalk a2o"t the &"siness Content in more 'etail, 'es)ri2in* hi)h o29e)ts are 'eli$ere' in hi)h appli)ations.