Bitesize: timesaving tips

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Transcript of Bitesize: timesaving tips

  • 1. Time-saving search tips for the busy studentLucy Keating University Library

2. How are you getting on? Flickr: (CC-BY-2.0) 3. Search amore specialisedresource MoreFound Apply limitsspecificsearchtoo(date, genre etc) terms much?Combine terms withANDFlickr Commons: LSE Library 4. Search a lessspecialised resource Use CantTruncatedifferent your search find search termsenough?terms Combineterms with OR 5. Start Narrow broaddown KeeprefiningRecipe for success! 6. Maybe youre looking in thewrong placealtogether?Or perhaps it doesnt exist atall?Flickr Commons/LSE Library and (CC BY 2.0) 7. Keeping aheadAlertsCitation searching Social mediaFlickr Commons: US National Archives; San Diego Air and Space Museum 8. Things to doTry outOnline 7 step different dissertationsearch guidetechniquesLiterature searchproforma 9. Contact us.... [email protected] @nulibarts; @nulibsoc; @nulibsage; @nulibrs the Commons: Smithsonian Institution