Birthday kasturi

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Presenting the soft toy of IIM Bangalore- KASTURI Bear
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Transcript of Birthday kasturi

1. Presenting the soft toy of IIM Bangalore- KASTURI Bear
2. First Expression after entering IIM B- LOL!!
3. Wondering Why MARS is out of stock of EVA!!
In her room you will find-
4. Way to PGP Office
Hey! Where are u running??
I am going to PGP office to submit myABS form
5. Yeh to LOL hi ho gaya!!
Ms P T Usha is often found running for class 2 mins before the start time when there is actually no class!!
6. While climbing till 4 th floor of Hostel-
There should be a Bean bag on every floor to rest yaar!!
Her room lights never go OFF Yaarmaine door open kiyaaurBhoothua to
Her Dream Room
7. Question 1 : You were born in Andhra Pradesh, brought up in Delhi, Studied in Goa and worked in Bangalore. Which is your favorite city??
Ans: Haryana
Examiner: Confused!!
Question 2: Which is the best B School in India??
Examiner: Fainted
8. This PINK Slide is only dedicated to KASTURI
Now you know the reason for the Color oftext used in the PPT :)
Comment- KitnaAwesome dress hai-
Reason- Colour of dress is Pink
Secret of her Marks - PINK Highlighter
A new word discovered by her- Morodify
9. Expression after seeing PPT- LOL!!
10. Come to A Base to Smear my FACE with Chocolate CAKE