Biomes Terrestrial Only

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Biomes Biomes Terrestrial Only Terrestrial Only Tropical Rainforest Tropical Rainforest Temperate Rainforest Temperate Rainforest Desert Desert Grassland Grassland Deciduous Forest Deciduous Forest Boreal Forest/also Boreal Forest/also called Taiga called Taiga Tundra Tundra
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Biomes Terrestrial Only. Tropical Rainforest Temperate Rainforest Desert Grassland Deciduous Forest Boreal Forest/also called Taiga Tundra. Biomes These are the four areas we will look at. Location Climate Vegetation Animals. Tropical Rainforest. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Biomes Terrestrial Only

  • BiomesTerrestrial OnlyTropical RainforestTemperate RainforestDesertGrasslandDeciduous ForestBoreal Forest/also called TaigaTundra

  • BiomesThese are the four areas we will look at.LocationClimateVegetationAnimals

  • Tropical RainforestLocation: Near equator Africa, South AmericaClimate: Hot, and rainyVegetation: Abundant plants, trees form a canopyAnimals: Many insects, huge variety of animals

  • Tropical RainforestContains more species of plants and animals of all other Biomes combined.

  • Temperate Rainforest

    Location: Northwest United StatesClimate: Moderate, lots of rain

    Vegetation: Huge trees

    Animals: Large selection

  • Temperate RainforestThe animals

  • Temperate RainforestFamous for huge trees

  • Grasslands

    Location: Africa, United States, South America, Asia, EuropeClimate: Moderate amount of rain, not enough to support trees. Cold but not harsh winters semi-hot summersVegetation: Grass limited treesAnimals: Home to largest land animals. Elephants, Rhino, Buffalos, Hippos

  • GrasslandsThe animals

  • DesertLocation: Found on every continent. Climate: Hot, dry, cool to cold nights except Antartica which is very cold

    Vegetation: Very little

    Animals: Little variety, many small, adapted to extreme heat or cold,and very dry conditions

  • DesertPlants and animals must survive with little water

  • Deciduous ForestLocation : Six of seven continents, South America, Africa, Kennesaw GA.Climate: Seasons, above average rainfall, Not extremly hot, nor coldVegetation: Trees drop leaves in fall, grow in springAnimals: Medium variety, average number of insects

  • Boreal Forest/ Taiga/ Coniferous ForestLocation: Northern Europe, Russia, Canada Northern North AmericaClimate: Cold, heavy snowfallVegetation: Coniferous Trees, limited variety because of harsh climateAnimal: limited variety, moose, deer, beavers, insects

  • Boreal ForestAnimals and Plants

  • TundraLocation: Extreme north, ArcticClimate: Very cold, dry

    Vegetation: Few trees, limited plants, moss, lichen, permafrost

    Animals: Caribou, insects in summer, wolves, birds that fly south, polar bear

  • Freshwater Biomes/Ponds LakesBodies of standing or still waterAlgae are your major producersInsects, snails, amphibians, fish, are some of your animals.Catfish are scavengers and bacteria are decomposer in a lake or pond

  • Freshwater Biomes

  • Rivers and StreamsBoth have moving waterThe headwaters are where rivers and streams begin.Plants and animals are adapted for the moving water.

  • Marine Biomes / Estuaries

    Estuaries Where fresh water of a river meets salt water of the oceanCommon animals are crabs,worms,clams, fish,algae.

  • Marine Biomes/IntertidalIntertidal The part of the beach between the highest high tide and lowest low tide

  • Marine Biomes/NeriticNeritic The part of the ocean that extends over the continental shelf. Contains many schools of fish, coral reefs, and algae

  • Marine Biomes/SurfaceSurface Zone The area of the ocean in which light penetratesOnly goes down a few hundred metersThis zone contains the oceans producers which drive all of the other zones

  • Marine Biomes/Deep ZoneDeep Zone Most of the water is completely darkMost animals feed on animals that sink down from the surface zoneHome of some bizarre-looking animals

  • The Deep Zone