Biological Rhythm

Biological Rhythm Ashley and Jazzmine


Biological Rhythm. Ashley and Jazzmine. Internal biological clocks. Annual cycles- seasonal variation 28 day cycles-female menstrual cycle 24 hour cycles-daily cycles of alertness 90 minute cycles-human sleep cycles. Annual Cycles. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Biological Rhythm Ashley and Jazzmine

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Internal biological clocks

•Annual cycles- seasonal variation•28 day cycles-female menstrual cycle•24 hour cycles-daily cycles of alertness•90 minute cycles-human sleep cycles

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Annual Cycles

•On an annual cycle , geese migrate, grizzly bears hibernate and humans may experience seasonal variations in appetite , sleep length and moods. For some people, especially in far northern regions a depressed mood during winters dark months may define a seasonal affective disorder.

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28 day cycles

•The female menstrual cycle averages 28 days does that cycle cause fluctuation moods? Many believe it indeed does it some research psychologists are skeptical.

•Cathy McFarland and her colleagues (1989) found that Ontario women’s daily mood reports did not vary across their menstrual cycle.

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Menstruation, actual mood, and perceived mood

Premenstral Menstrual Intermenstrual0






ActualRecalled Mood

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24 hour cycles

•Humans experience 24 hour cycles of varying alertness, body temperature, and growth hormones secretion.

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90 minute cycles

•This chapter explores how we move through various stages of sleep in 90 minute cycles. Smaller animals have shorter sleep cycles.

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