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Bio Computing Abdullah Farhad MCSCE,1st Semester

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  • Bio Computing Abdullah Farhad MCSCE,1st Semester
  • Topics Bio Computing DNA DNA computing Conventional vs DNA computer Application ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Why Bio Computing ?? ABDULLAH FARHAD Moores Law states that silicon microprocessor complexity will double in every 18 months. One day this will no longer hold true when miniaturization limits are reached. Solving complex problems which today's supercomputers are unable to perform in stipulated period of time. Require a Successor to Silicon
  • What is Biological Computing? Biological Computing means such a computing process which use synthesized biological components to store and manipulate data analogous to processes in the human body. The result is small ; faster computing process that operates with great accuracy. Main biological component used in Biological Computing is : DNA ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • What is DNA? DNA Stands for DeOxyRiboNucleicAcid. A hereditary material found in almost all living organisms. Located inside the nucleus of a cell. Helps in long term storage of information. DNA is stored as a code made of four chemical bases(A,T,G ,C). ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Structure of DNA The two strands of DNA molecule are anti parallel where each strand runs in opposite direction. Complementary base pairs Adenine(A) &Thymine(T) Guanine(G)&Cytosine(C) ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Graphical Representation of Inherent bonding properties of DNA ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • What is a DNA Computer? INVENTOR :Dr. Leonard Adleman DNA computer is a molecular computer that works biochemically to solve complex problems and different possible solutions are created all at once. It computes using enzymes that react with DNA strands and cause chain reactions. ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Evolution of the DNA Computer(2) DNA computer moved from test tubes on to gold plates ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Evolution of the DNA Computer(3) First Practical DNA computer unveiled in 2002 , used in gene analysis. ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Evolution of the DNA Computer(4) Self powered DNA computer unveiled in 2003. o First programmable autonomous computing machine in which the input,output,software and hardware are all made of DNA molecules. o Can perform a billion operations per second with 99.8% accuracy ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Properties of a DNA computer Dense data storage. Massively parallel computation. Extraordinary energy efficiency. ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • How Dense is the Data Storage? 1 gram of DNA =2.2 Petabytes 1 PB = 1000000000000000B = 1015bytes = 1000 terabytes. ABDULLAH FARHAD Photo: European Molecular Biology Laboratory Nick Goldman
  • How Dense is the Data Storage?(Continuous.) ABDULLAH FARHAD The number of CDs required to hold this amount of information, lined up edge to edge, would circle the Earth 375 times, and would take1630 centuries to listen to.
  • How Enormous is the Parallelism? A test tube of DNA can contain trillions of strands. Each operation on a test tube of DNA is carried out on all strands in the tube in parallel ! ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • How Extraordinary is the Energy Efficiency? Modern supercomputers = 109 operations/joule DNA computer = 2*10^19 operations/joule ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Conventional vs. Biological Computers Conventional Biological Component materials Inorganic, e.g. silicon Biological,e.g.DNA Processing scheme Sequential and limited massively parallel Massively parallel Energy efficient ? No Yes Quantum effects a problem? Yes No Toxic components? Yes No ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Advantages of DNA computers Cheap resource & plentiful supply. DNA biochips can be made cleanly so no toxic materials are used. Many times smaller in size than current Computers. ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Advantages(Continuous...) Taiwan introduces world's 1st DNA chip They are planning to use this Chip on ID card to crack down frauds using fake ID cards. ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Disadvantages Not completely accurate at this moment in time. During an operation, 95% chance a particular DNA molecule will Compute correctly. DNA has a Half life Solutions could dissolve away before the end result is found ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Applications of DNA computing DNA chips Cryptography Genetic Programming Medical Application ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Conclusion DNA computers showing enormous potential, especially for medical purposes as well as data processing applications. Still a lot of work and resources required to develop it into a fully fledged product. ABDULLAH FARHAD
  • Reference Holds-Half-a-Million-DVDs/#!GuIF3 oarray%20Manufacture1 data_analysis ersion ABDULLAH FARHAD