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bim+ offers great tools for BIM Managers to optimise the building process and secure information, costs, and schedules.

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  • 1. 1BIMManagerMake BIM Happen

2. BIM challengesDynamic teams,working on the same information,using diverse tools / methods.23D BIM4D BIM5D BIM6D BIMMobileCloudBuilding SmartIFCBCFOpenBIMUniversitiesVDCICEBIMLean ConstructionQuality GatesKPIsSCRUMBIM ManagerBIM Hand BookLean ProcessesProject CultureOpen StandardsNew TechnologyPeople &OrganizationPeople &Organization 3. 3BIMManager 4. Status Quo: Ad-hoc Collaboration4AEOC MA = ArchitectsE = EngineersC = Constructors, ContractorsO = OwnerM = Facility Managers, Users 5. Solution: Structured CollaborationAcross Lifecycle5A E C O MThe standardized central platformfor building information exchangeA = ArchitectsE = EngineersC = Constructors, ContractorsO = OwnerM = Facility Managers, UsersB u i l d i n g P r o c e s s 6. Solution: Structured CollaborationAcross Lifecycle6A E C O MCentral BIM storageSchedule all building topicsCreate custom building solutionsThe standardized central platformfor building information exchange 7. Optimize: Information,Processes, Documentation7+ BIM Storage+ BIM Workflows+ Open API+ Analytics*+ BIM Apps + Communication* H2 2014Secure Planning Secure Costs Secure Deadlines 8. Optimize: Information,Processes, Documentation8ModellingToolsApps forbetter buildingArchitecturemapStructureMEP 9. All Information, connected.9PhotosEnergyDocumentsAnalyticsStructureObjectsCommunication 10. All tools, connected.10YourSoftware 11. 9VUFRAME interieurbim+ Problem Spotterbim+ ViewerEasy to useAppsBLOOM UNITclixxie-foto bookbim+ ExplorerMyHouse Fotos VUFRAME AR11Cl3ver 12. 12Demo BIM Manager 13. 14. Statements14