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  • Boxing Referee: Round 1!

    Boxing Referee: What you doing man? Stick one on his chin! Music: I Love To Boogie- T.Rex Boxing Referee: Jesus Christ Billy Elliot! Youre a disgrace to them gloves, your father and the traditions of this boxing hall!

    Debbie: Why dont you join in?

    Debbie: Plenty of boys do ballet yknow

    Billy Elliot: Puffs Billy Elliot: I dont know what to do Sandra (Ballet Instructor): Follow the others

  • Billys Friend: I dont know why you bother

    Billy Elliot: Because Im good at it

    Billys Friend: Are ya shite! Boxing Referee: I aint seen hide or hair of young Billy for months

    Billys Dad: Where have you been?

    Billy Elliot: Boxing, where you think? Billys Dad: Where the hells he off to!? Sandra (Ballet Instructor): Go! Music: Ends

    Billys Dad: You out now!

  • Music: Town Called Malice The Jam Billys Dad: Ballet! Billys Nan: I used to go to ballet

    Billy Elliot: See Billys Dad: But its for girls! Not for lads Billy, not friggin ballet! Sandra (Ballet Instructor): I thought of auditioning for the Royal Ballet School!

    Billy Elliot: Arent you a bit old miss?

    Sandra (Ballet Instructor): Not me, you!

    Billys Nan: I could have been a professional dancer

  • Billys Dad: Will you just shut up!

    Billy Elliot: Ive got this audition in Newcastle in a couple of weeks

    Billys Friend: Cant you be a ballet dancer here then?

    Billy Elliot: Dont be stupid

    Billys Brother: Im not having any brother of mine running around like a right twat!

    Sandra (Ballet Instructor): And two

    Billy Elliot: I cant do it

    Sandra (Ballet Instructor): Youre not even trying!

    Billy Elliot: I am miss!

  • Billy Elliot: I dont want to do your stupid audition! You only want me to do it for your own benefit!

    Billys Brother: The Royal Ballet?

    Sandra (Ballet Instructor): School

    Billys Brother: If youre a ballet dancer, then lets be havin ya!

    Music: 20th Century Boy T.Rex

    Billy Elliot: Dad!

    Billys Dad: How much is it gonna cost?

    Billys Dad: Is that absolutely necessary?