Bill Dewey, "National and West Coast Shellfish Initiatives, "Baird Symposium

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National and West Coast Shellfish Initiatives The Future of Shellfish In Rhode Island Baird Sea Grant Science Symposium November 14, 2013 Bill Dewey – Taylor Shellfish Farms 1 Oyster harvest Willapa Bay Clam harvesting Hood Canal Volunteers seeding clams, Twanoh SP

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Bill Dewey, Taylor Shellfish Farms Topic: Plenary

Transcript of Bill Dewey, "National and West Coast Shellfish Initiatives, "Baird Symposium

  • 1. National and West CoastShellfish Initiatives The Future of Shellfish In Rhode Island Baird Sea Grant Science Symposium November 14, 2013 Bill Dewey Taylor Shellfish FarmsOyster harvest Willapa BayVolunteers seeding clams, Twanoh SPClam harvesting Hood Canal1

2. NOAA Aquaculture Policy Enable domestic production of seafood Maintain healthy marine ecosystems Create employment and business opportunities Support working waterfronts Restore and conserve marine habitatOlympia oysters2 3. National Shellfish Initiative Spatial planning and efficient permitting Research on environmental effects Technologies for restoration and farming Coordinated and innovative financingoyster/eelgrass habitat studyshellfish seed sorter3 4. NOAA Supports the Washington Shellfish Initiative 1st regional implementation Partnerships Jobs because of the environment and jobs for the environmentLearning about oyster processingClam harvesting crew4 5. Washington Shellfish Initiative Launched in December 2011 by Governor Gregoire and NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco Collaborative effort to implement the National Shellfish Initiative 5 6. Washington Shellfish Initiative Why? Historic part of States culture and heritage Requires clean water and a healthy ecosystem Jobs and economic opportunity6 7. Shellfish are part of fabric of Washington State Integral to Washingtons history, culture & heritage Major draw for regional tourism Oyster Run motorcycle rallyTour buses at Blau Oyster7 8. Economic benefits/opportunity Thriving shellfish aquaculture industry contributes 3,200 direct/indirect jobs, $270 million statewide Excellent product reputation, strong demand has stimulated significant industry investmentRows of clamsPicking oystersRetrieving harvested oysters8 9. Economic benefits/opportunity Year-round family wage jobs with benefits ~$27 million annual payroll in Pacific & Mason CountiesTulip bulb harvester dapted to dig clamsWillapa Bay oyster harvestHarvesting clamsLittle Skookum shellfish worker 9 10. Washington Shellfish Initiative Actions Produce a multi-agency coordinated, efficient permitting program Agency tour of shellfish farm Implement native oyster and abalone restorationPuget Sound native oyster bed10 11. Washington Shellfish Initiative Actions Promote Native American commercial, ceremonial and subsistence shellfish harvest Native Americans harvesting shellfish (NWIFC) Support shellfish aquaculture researchBenthic sampling on shellfish farm 11 12. Washington Shellfish Initiative Actions Improve understanding of ecosystem services provided by shellfishDiving Scoter ducks eating mussels from geoduck nursery tubes 1/10/1260 manila clams filtering 4 liters of seawater in 28 minutes 12 13. Promote Native Shellfish Restoration Olympia oysters 200K NOAA grant to NW Straits Commission WDFW Oyster Rebuilding Plan Native shellfish hatchery Pinto abalone 560K NOAA grant to WDFWVolunteers planting Olympia oystersPinto abalone13 14. Washington Shellfish Initiative Actions Direct EPA NEP funding to protect & improve nearshore water quality Improve shellfish growing area protection and restoration effortsSamish Bay Bivalve Bash14 15. Washington Shellfish Initiative Actions Take steps to address ocean acidification Formation of Washingtons Ocean Acidification Blue Ribbon Panel Governors Executive Order Council established in Governors office to respond to OA Creation of Ocean Acidification Center at the University of Washington 15 16. Take Steps to Address Ocean Acidification Convene Blue Ribbon Panel Summary of science Actionable recommendations WSG research project on Pacific oystersSEM photo: OSU Brunner/Waldbusser Seawater monitoring buoy16 17. Washington Shellfish Initiative Partnership Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission Washington Sea Grant National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Environmental Protection Agency US Army Corp of Engineers US Geological Survey Northwest Straits Commission Whatcom County Conservation District The Nature Conservancy Puget Sound Restoration Fund Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association Puget Sound Partnership Office of Regulatory Assistance Department of Natural Resources Department of Health Department of Fish and Wildlife State Parks Commission Department of Ecology17 18. Significant Press Effort18 19. California Shellfish Initiative19 20. California Shellfish Initiative Humboldt Bay Mariculture PrePermitting Project 20 21. California Shellfish Initiative Humboldt Bay Mariculture PrePermitting Project 21 22. California Shellfish Initiative Humboldt BayNational Marine Research and Innovation Park (NMRIP) 22 23. California Shellfish Initiative Initial interest in repeating Humboldt effort in Tomales Bay Establishment of an Interagency Working Group Restoration Research Water qualitySan Francisco23 24. Contact information Bill Dewey Email: [email protected] Cell: (360) 790-233024