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  • 1. Bike Safety 101:Protect your Melon

Understand who should wear a helmet
Understand when to wear a helmet
Understand why to wear a helmet
Understand what kind of helmet to wear
Understand how to wear a helmet properly
3. Who should wear a helmet?
4. YOU!And everyone who rides a bike
5. When should you wear your helmet?
6. Every time you ride your bike!
7. But be sure to take it off when you are not riding your bike so it does not get caught and hurt you while you are playing
8. This family is having fun and staying safe.
9. Why should you wear a helmet?
10. To Protect your melon!
11. Everyone who rides a bike has a fall at least once.Even small falls can cause a serious injury.
12. Luckily these bicyclists were wearing their helmets
13. Time for the melon drop Experiment!
14. What kind of helmet should your wear?
15. Pick one made specifically for bicycling
Pick one that fits you snugly and is made for your age
Pick a white or bright color helmet to help drivers see you more clearly
Look inside the helmet for a CPSC sticker that means the Consumer Product Safety Commission says it is safe
Stay away from helmets with unusual shapes such as points and hard visors that could get caught in a fall, dark colors, thin straps,and complicated fasteners
Remember to get a new helmet if you fall and hit your head or your helmet becomes damaged in any way.
16. How should you properly wear your helmet?
17. It should sit level on the head without tilting forward or backward
18. A good bike helmet should have wide straps that fasten snugly under the chin
19. It should be tight enough that after fastening it wont move around with sudden pulling or twisting
20. Key Points to remember
Always wear your bike helmet when riding your bike and remind others to wear their helmets too
Always wear a helmet made specifically for riding bikes
Always wear your helmet in the proper position
Always wear a helmet that is safe