Big$Dataand$Cloud$Compu0ng$technologies$applied$ to$the ......

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Transcript of Big$Dataand$Cloud$Compu0ng$technologies$applied$ to$the ......

  • Big  Data  and  Cloud  Compu0ng  technologies  applied   to  the  energy  sector:  from  buzzwords  to  market  

    op0miza0on  through  an  SaaS  solu0on  

      Dogma  Enterprise  project  

    Data  Philosophy.     Best  prac0ces.  

    Efficient  Marketplace.    

    Presenter   Alessandro  Piacen0ni,  Cer0fied  FRM   Email:   Mobile:  +39  3926788834  

  • Dic0onary  

    Defini0ons  from  Wikipedia,  the  free  encyclopedia  

    §  So#ware  as  a   Service  

    SaaS  is  a  soSware  licensing  and  delivery  model  in  which  soSware  is  licensed  on  a  subscrip0on  basis  and  is   centrally  hosted.  It  is  some0mes  referred  to  as  "on-­‐demand  soSware”.  SaaS  is  typically  accessed  by  users  using  a   thin  client  via  a  web  browser.  

    §  Big  Data   Big  data  is  a  term  for  data  sets  that  are  so  large  or  complex  that  tradi0onal  data  processing  applica0on  soSware  is   inadequate  to  deal  with  them.  Big  data  challenges  include  capturing  data,  data  storage,  data  analysis,  search,   sharing,  transfer,  visualiza0on,  querying,  upda0ng  and  informa0on  privacy.  

    §  Cloud  Compu7ng   Cloud  compu0ng  is  an  informa0on  technology  paradigm,  a  model  for  enabling  ubiquitous  access  to  shared  pools   of  configurable  resources  (such  as  computer  networks,  servers,  storage,  applica0ons  and  services),  which  can  be   rapidly  provisioned  with  minimal  management  effort.    

    §  Electricity  and  Gas   deregulated   marketplaces  

    In  economic  terms,  electricity  is  a  commodity  capable  of  being  bought,  sold,  and  traded.  An  electricity  market  is  a   system  enabling  purchases,  through  bids  to  buy;  sales,  through  offers  to  sell;  and  short-­‐term  trades,  generally  in   the  form  of  financial  or  obliga0on  swaps.  Long-­‐term  trades  are  contracts  similar  to  power  purchase  agreements   and  generally  considered  private  bi-­‐lateral  transac0ons  between  counterpar0es.  

    §  Hybrid  Cloud   A  hybrid  cloud  is  an  infrastructure  that  includes  links  between  one  cloud  managed  by  the  user  (typically  called   “private  cloud”)  and  at  least  one  cloud  managed  by  a  third  party  (typically  called  “public  cloud”).  Some  hybrid   clouds  offer  only  a  connec0on  between  the  on  premise  and  public  clouds.  

    §  Microservices   architecture  

    Microservices  is  a  variant  of  the  service-­‐oriented  architecture  (SOA)  architectural  style  that  structures  an   applica0on  as  a  collec0on  of  loosely  coupled  services.  The  benefit  of  decomposing  an  applica0on  into  different   smaller  services  is  that  it  improves  modularity  and  makes  the  applica0on  easier  to  understand,  develop  and  test.   Microservices-­‐based  architectures  enable  con0nuous  delivery  and  deployment.  

  • Secng  the  scenes    

    How  many     Trading  &  Risk   professionals?  

    How  many     power  &  gas  SMB  


    How  many   forecas7ng   experts?  

    How  many     data  scien7sts?  

  • The  Dogma  project  

    The  Dogma  project  began  with  the  intui0on  from  a  pool  of  professionals  with  outstanding  experience  in   consul0ng  and  delivering  advanced  IT  solu0ons  for  Energy  and  U0li0es  top  0er  players.     Problem   Regulatory  and  business  pressures  are  squeezing  all  the  margins  available  for  small  and  medium  par0cipants  in   the  Electricity  and  Gas  marketplace.     Opportuni7es   -­‐  various  na0onal  and  interna0onal  regulatory  authori0es  push  for  Trading  and  Risk  Management  processes  

    standardiza0on  and  improvement   -­‐  Cloud  Compu0ng  and  Big  Data  informa0on  technology  spaces  during  the  last  5  years  undergo  a  wondrous  


    The  idea   -­‐  Inves0gate  on  the  possibility  to  serve  small  and  medium  businesses  releasing  a  Cloud  based,  data  driven,   best  prac7ce  tailored  So#ware-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service  solu0on  to  support  their  Trading  &  Risk  Management  and   Forecas7ng  processes  

    -­‐  Provide  the  various  services  providers  (for  example  market  data,  forecasted  prices,  forecas0ng  algorithms   providers)  with  a  standardized  solu7on  to  “plug  in”  their  solu7ons  and  easily  serve  their  audience  

  • Electricity  market  challenges…an  extract  

    §  Increasing  regulatory   pressure  

    §  Imminent  release  of   disrup7ve  technologies  

    §  Need  for  real-­‐7me  analy7cs   on  massive  amount  of   structured  and   unstructured  data  

    §  Fragmented  services   providers  environment  

    Aiming  to  increase  market  stability  and  secure  power   and  gas  ecosystems,  both  na0onal  and  interna0onal   regulators  intensified  pressure  on  market   par0cipants  to  consistently  manage  and  disclose   exposure  and  physical  

    §  Power  accumulators,  IoT,  electric  vehicles   §  Big  players  investments  place  to  develop  on  in-­‐

    house  solu0ons  leveraging  the  latest   technologies  

    §  Structured  and  unstructured  business  data   advanced  management  

    §  Real  0me  data,  measurement  and  informa0on   needed  to  strive  the  business  

    The  market  arena  consists  of  plenty  medium,  small   and  very  small  businesses  providing  customers   news  feeds,  market  data,  prices  forecas0ng,   forecas0ng  algorithms,  pricing  models  and  other   similar  services  in  an  unstructured  and   decontextualized  manner  

    §  SMB  are  required  to  quickly  adapt   business  processes  and  underlying   technologies  to  con0nuous  changes  to  the   business/regulatory  framework  

    §  Disrup0ve  technologies  (i.e.  power   accumulators,  IoT,  electric  vehicles)  need   advanced  automa0on  to  be  governed  

    §  Investment  is  in-­‐house  solu0ons  going  to   increase  the  digital  divide  between  big   players  and  small/medium  businesses  

    §  Manual  collec0on  of  market  data,   measurements  and  business  informa0on   must  be  replaced  by  fully  automated   solu0on  to  focus  on  core  business  

    Each  market  par0cipant  is  requested  to  setup   and  maintain  costly  processes  to  integrate   this  services  while  collect,  histories  and   normalize  business  relevant  data  

  • Dogma  Enterprise:  SaaS  solu0on  with  embedded  analy0cs  

  • Dogma  Enterprise:  SaaS  solu0on  with  embedded  analy0cs  

  • Dogma  Enterprise:  target  func0onal  coverage  

  • Key  benefits  

    §  Minimal   implementa7on  effort   and  upfront  costs  

    ü Shortened  ini0aliza0on  0me  (4/6  weeks)   ü Reduced  ini0al  investment  cost  compared  with  similar  On-­‐premises   ü  IT  infrastructure  managed  remotely   ü Minor  IT  involvement  required   ü …  

    §  Minimal  on-­‐going  cos