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  • Big Fish Overview 2015 604-730-8882

    The best way to become a bigger fish is to be trained by one!

  • With just 3 months of Big Fish coaching, my closing rate right now is at 62% (up from 45%) I'm capped right now with my guys putting in major overtime. A nice problem. I was able to raise my prices by 25%. I'm mentally challenged to figure out how I'm going to get all this done...I'm booked for the next month and a half with work adding up everyday. I feel good and positive moving forward. My attitude shifted from how am I going to get this done to, I'm so happy to get these opportunities and excited. Justin Kashiwagi SmartFilms

  • The Value We Bring

    Big Fish helps companies grow by

    optimizing their people.

    In our 20 years weve built a reputation for training & coaching that helps people lead positive change; often shifting impossible to very doable.

    Clients like CIBC, the RCMP, and Cervelo tell us Big Fish is the only one they consider to untangle their biggest problems; freeing their people to perform.

  • Our Position in the Training Industry

    Big Fish runs its own race slicing between the conventional and the free spirits:

    1. Strategic planning to engage all staff in leading ones industry.

    2. Leadership & Managerial workshops. 3. The best of outdoor experiential learning &

    retreats. 4. Conference engagements that WOW with

    riveting keynotes and large group experiences. 5. HR & OD consulting to create the conditions for

    success. 6. High performance coaching where you become

    the most focused and influential youve ever been.

  • Most conventional wisdom is wrong. Its based in old stories lovingly

    wrapped in phrases like This is the way its always been.

    People need help creating a new change story to step into; a place

    where all stakeholders get to benefit in the vision of mutual success.

  • Our Position in the Training Industry

    A Proven Process This means clients can plug & play

    their challenges and create bigger results sooner.

    Custom design when you need it This means we help you thrive

    even with your unique situations.

    A Team of Master Practitioners No armchair psychology . Big Fish

    facilitators teach people how to change in the most relevant ways.

  • Our Flagship Products

    Strategic Planning Sessions Facilitating the toughest challenges by engaging leaders &

    staff around big audacious goals. They sustain commitments because they are highly

    invested in the shared result.

    Dragon Boat Teambuilding Because we know what it takes to build a world-class

    team; we have the trophies & medals to prove it. Our clients stand on the podium with us.

    Sink r Swim Entrepreneurial Challenge Our best selling simulation game that has engaged and

    inspired over 300 different groups!

    Big Fish Systems Coaching Our massively effective coaching process thats helped

    people become the most focused and influential theyve ever been.

  • If you havent been able to measure training results thus far,

    its time for change. We can help.

  • Our Ideal Client 1. An organization that understands that people produce results. And, that

    employer, sees the value in creating the conditions for success.

    2. A company that is already investing in training and wants bigger & better results.

    3. Finance firms, healthcare, government, rapid-growth tech, manufacturing, food industry, communities, education, small companies wanting to be big.

    4. Leaders who sincerely want to learn and evolve.

    5. Companies who are stuck and want to change.

    6. Companies who want to sustain growth.

    7. Individuals who want to build dreams.

  • Really Cool Media Interviews Recent Media Interviews with Big Fish: 1.

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    7. Andrew Reid is featured in Dan Penas recent publication, Your First 100 Million, 2nd edition

    Report on Business Magazine