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  • 1. Integrated Offering Proposal July 2012 Big Fish France

2. Service Offering 3. - 3 - Big Fish Purchasing / Supply Strategy Framework We transform traditional teams & organizations and build the new performing ecosystems of tomorrow Integrated Service Offering Big Fish Purchasing Organization Vision Market Changes and Trends, most mid- and long-term performers are or will be facing breakthrough challenges for different reasons: - Change in consumer/client behavior - Globalization of businesses and competition - Evolution of business models and products - Diversification of activities - Growth of service and market proximity activities - Reduction of innovation and organizational cycles People represent 80% of the potential of your business. They are the most complex and most powerful machines. People are capable of adapt very fast to changing conditions, if and when they are adequately: - Skilled, - Fully motivated - Working within a cross-functional perspective Constant pressure on time caused by consumers and competition create a continuous instability of structures, forcing many organizations to radically change their way of building and managing organizations. Supply Chain, most organizations still simply buy materials, products and services from a large amount of suppliers, telling them often what to do and how to do their job in a classical top down approach. From a Resource Management perspective, Suppliers are either not asked, not listened to, or not integrated in early stages. Smart organizations will tomorrow connect expertise, identifying and sourcing know how internally and externally and developing adequate relationships with all stakeholders in order to build small and effective project teams, focused on clients, markets and ambitious challenges. Social Technological Economic & Financial Environmental Political Suppliers Internal Customers Purchasing People First FROM planning and building the infrastructure, and then bringing in people to operate, TO building small entrepreneurial teams working in an interconnected environment Effective and Resilient Ecosystems Modern Purchasing & Supply Chain teams who are able to source attract, connect and manage the right expertise and to build and manage an easy-to-use network architecture to develop an optimum environment for all related actors 4. - 4 - Big Fish Purchasing / Supply Strategy Framework Most companies recognize that a right set of skills and a collaborative approach are vital to every aspect of business performance and the Purchasing and Supply Chain function needs a sound strategy to provide services that significantly enhance the value of the overall corporate strategy. Developing a clear and robust Purchasing strategy is just the beginning. In the end, achieving the desired results of any strategy rely on an effective deployment and execution. The Big Fish Framework can help any Purchasing organization develop and deliver proper services and capabilities that companies need to survive and grow. Integrated Service Offering Big Fish Purchasing Organization Strategy Framework Purchasing Organization 1. Understand business strategy 2. Define Purchasing Strategy 3. Identify Purchasing primary performance levers 4. Segment stakeholders 5. Prioritize Purchasing initiatives 6. Design Purchasing services 7. Establish a delivery model for Purchasing services 8. Upgrade the capabilities of Purchasing organization 9. Continuously improve Purchasing operations 10. Communicate the value of Purchasing services 5. - 5 - An integral solution To remain competitive and win the race, your company faces a variety of challenges simultaneously: reducing costs, increasing the speed of innovation, adapting to changing markets. This creates an ever widening gap between business requirements and the existing capabilities of human resources, creating stress, underperformance and lack of initiative. Traditional models of functional excellence, across silos of expertise, are no longer sufficient to address those challenges. The best performing organizations have moved to a system combining a new operational leadership and integrated teams working along the value chain. Big Fish assists businesses in the set up and development of state of the art Purchasing & Supply Chain Teams. The ART of Purchasing, & Supply Chain provides continuous improvement and effectiveness of operation resource management via an integrated approach using unique techniques in three key areas, Assessment, Recruitment, and Training. Integrated Service Offering Global, Focused, Customized: A Unique Approach Big Fish's unique expertise lies in building hard and soft skills to develop genuine entrepreneurial capabilities for every member of your team, independent of level, status, and ranking across functions, regions and entities. We have global infrastructure to support your requirements We focus solely on Purchasing and Supply Chain Management We provide a customized approach to every client With our integrated set of solutions, adapted for a broad range of maturities from basic to expert, we help businesses build, manage and optimize effective teams worldwide focusing exclusively on the "people" part of the business, which is often the hardest to transform. Big Fish Integral Solutions A R T Transformation Initiatives 6. - 6 - What is ART? Big Fish's Team Development process relies on three steps: Assessment of your needs based on your medium term objectives, then Recruitment and/or Training to achieve your strategic objectives. Integrated Service Offering To achieve your targets, you need the right people, with the right skills. The required skill set has grown from process administration, to supplier identification and negotiation; and now to network management. The focus is therefore shifting from hard skills to soft skills, as businesses need people with leadership capacities, the ability to take initiative, drive people and projects, communicate and make decisions Currently, efficiency improvements, centralization, and outsourcing strategies are allowing HR to focus more time and attention on strategic business challenges. In this way we help organizations to recruit the best talent as if it were for our own business. Our team has more than twenty years specific and functional industry experience and we are committed to act as ambassadors for your organization to satisfy the companys actual and future HR needs The main challenges that businesses face are their ability to develop and adapt the skills sets of their teams so that theirs can keep up to speed with changes in client and market requirements. Supplier Management and Supply Chain are two of the most rapidly evolving functions in todays business, but also two of the most significant value contributors. We assists clients with state of the art skills development programs for entire organizations, specific groups or individuals by allowing them to systematically increase the skills level of their teams and organization Dimension Solution Offering What is ART? Recruitment Training Assessment 7. Assessment Offering 8. - 8 - Today, companies have several options in building and developing purchasing services. These options include the globalization of supply chains, outsourcing, centralization and consolidation, to name just a few. Our 360 Purchasing Approach is designed to provide an integrated and transparent framework to support purchasing directors who face challenges in developing and structuring the competences and relationships of their teams with their key stakeholders (internal and external). This framework allows on a regular basis to identify the main areas of potential improvement in order to implement transformation or performance improvement initiatives while developing continuously the heart of the Purchasing Engine" the skills of buyers and teams. Integrated Service Offering 360 Purchasing Assessment Approach ......... Identifying the key elements of an effective Purchasing Organization. to transform. 9. - 9 - What is ART? Transforming purchasing organizations, requires to undertake major initiatives aimed to increase alignment and effectiveness within the value chain towards the business requirements and strategic goals. Integrated Service Offering Assessment Framework Phases Understand Purchasing Organization Perform Diagnostic Conduct Detailed Assessment Define Improvement Plans Ensure Internalization Objective Key Activities Benefits Deliverables Establish initial hypotheses about our clients environment, purchasing organization situation and key strategic business issues, in order to identify specific requirements and needs within the frame of its extended enterprise (value chain and stakeholders) Gain a shared understanding of purchasing organization Agree on approach to performing assessment Align and manage expectations Create awareness on stakeholders (internal and external) Increase commitment for change on impacted audiences Review vision and goal alignment Identify leadership stakeholders and sponsors Identify impacted audiences (internal and external) Request documentation needed Document common understanding Purchasing organization profile Impacted stakeholder matrix Tools Integrated awareness framework 1 2 weeks 10. - 10 - What is ART? Transforming purchasing organizations, requires to undertake major initiatives aimed to increase alignment and effectiveness within the value chain towards the business requirements and strategic goals. Integrated Service Offering Assessment Framework Phases Understand Purchasing Organization Perform Diagnostic Define Improvement Plans Ensure Internalization Objective Key Activities Benefits Deliverables Provide to purchasing organizations a quick, but comprehensive diagnostic about the current situation regarding their core resources (people skills) and crucial relationships among internal