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Transcript of Big Data, Big Deal - Brad Warga at HR Tech London 2013

  1. 1. Big Data, Big DealBig Data is a collection ofdata sets so large andcomplex that it becomesdifficult to process usingon-hand databasemanagement tools ortraditional data processingapplications.-Wikipedia
  2. 2. Big Data is SolvingBig Problems
  3. 3. Big Data = Big Challenges for RecruitersToo much information forhumans.Can someonewrite an algorithm? RecruitmentSystems lackartificial intelligenceand real timecommunication.
  4. 4. The New Hiring Lifecycle IdentifyData Aggregation ScoringEnhanceRelevant CandidateSell Evaluate Data ExperienceSentiment Prioritize(passive vs. active)
  5. 5. The SecretSauce Large volumes of dataincreasingly available from socialchannels Web services allow you tostore data at a low cost Technology allows data to beconverted into common formats Machine learning allows you to score andrank the data thats most important to you
  6. 6. Data AggregationData.comCurrent Company: WordnikTitle: Programmer, Wordnik Hometown: BrusselsCurrent Tenure: 2 Years Work Phone: 020 5454 6732Current Home: LondonPrevious Companies: BackChatEmail: ivan@gmail.comCollege: St Grummarus CollegeAlumnus: St. GrummarusAddress: 660 3rd StreetMarital Status: Married London, UKSpouse Name: Barbara Title: Programmer, WordnikProgrammer at WordnikChildren: Yes Activities: Cooking, Biking Previous Home Cities: Brussels Never go *anywhere* without Nutella, Mayo, and the assurance there is a barExternal Data So long, San Francisco, and Wordnik looks beyond its online thanks for the fish. I cant wait to dictionary with the launch of new return. company ReverbRadian6: Social Activity Reverb is Wordniks hot new story suggestion tool Radian6: Social Keywords recruitingATSHome Address: 660 3rd Street startupLondon, UKResume on File gildPrevious Job App: July 2007
  7. 7. Scoring Relevant Data
  8. 8. Sentiment Analysis
  9. 9. Candidate ExperienceCode ProjectsShared Connections Family StatusInterests
  10. 10. Big Data ROI VS
  11. 11. Big Data ROI Interviewing Time 6 candidates interviewed for each hire Largest disqualifying factor is lack of technical skills 6 candidates x 5 interviews x $90/hour/engineer = $2,700 Researching Developers on Gild cuts 50% Customers save $1,350 per hire
  12. 12. A Few of OurCustomers
  13. 13. Bring us your open reqs