Bhakti Dham Welcomes October ... Bhakti Dham Welcomes 18th October 2015 BHAKTIDHAM: THE EXECUTIVE...

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Transcript of Bhakti Dham Welcomes October ... Bhakti Dham Welcomes 18th October 2015 BHAKTIDHAM: THE EXECUTIVE...


    Bhaktidham Wales – a registered charity no. 1139888 | Events venue: Tongwynlais Village Hall, Merthyr Road, Cardiff CF157LF

    Bhakti Dham


    18th October



    Namaste Dosto

    We are privileged to have this Second Release of our Newsletter, which will continue to present to one and all, a view of our activities for the year and also to proudly portray the excellent support that has been forthcoming from all for our activities. We have had another eventful year of celebrations of our Hindu faith among our community here in Cardiff. There are many joyful news items that you will read in this issue, ranging from our numerous religious celebrations such as, the Durga puja and Ganesh Chaturthi and the trip to Europe in mid-2015, as well as, our participation in the celebrations for India Independence Day on 15 August, 2015.

    It is of course also of importance that we showcase the achievements of our children from the families of Bhakti Dham, who have excelled in their examinations and who will pursue their degrees in universities. Congratulations to all of them. Our weekly prayers on Sundays at Tongwynlais Village Hall have brought our devotees to meet and engage in our various activities. We truly appreciate these activities which also highlights our role as volunteers, to support the future of Bhakti Dham so that we remain a strong community in Cardiff and Wales.

    Another highlight for the year included the adoption of the Logo for our Charity, an outcome from a simple competition among all of us, and which will be our symbol for the future. We are also reminded that one of the important principles that has emerged and appreciated is the strong financial support provided through donations, so far generously forthcoming from our Trustees. We have also had donations from devotees who grace our various religious and related community events. We very much hope that such encouraging and generous support for our activities will continue in the future for the benefit of the community.

    We also wish to extend our appreciation to the Editor and his team for their efforts in releasing this newsletter. Finally, our expectations are that our community spearheaded by Bhakti Dham will continue to play a meaningful role to engage with all, including our wider community that we cherish in Wales. Dhanyavad

    Executive Committee, Bhakti Dham Wales

    Bhaktidham’s young achievers A celebration of the academic and wider achievements of Bhaktidham’s young stars.

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    A tour of Europe Find out more about Bhaktidham’s trip to Europe, in a wonderful travel piece.

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    The Executive Committee’s welcome



    In our first, inaugural issue, we celebrated the many achievements of Bhaktidham’s members, young and not-so-young alike.

    It is a pleasure to report equally impressive achievements over the course of this year:

    Dr. Sheladevi Nair for achievement of PhD in Education from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

    Dr. Nadia Nair Chelliah for achievement of PhD in Medical Engineering from University of South Wales Dr. Manisha Kale for the achievement of an M.Sc. in Systemic Family Therapy. Harsha Sinha for successfully graduating in Optometry and Shailja Tewary for Accounting and Management.

    Milind and Amreet for their excellent A-

    level performances and their upcoming university places.

    Parinita and Kishan for impressive AS- level results and Nikhita for excellent GCSE results.

    And as a wonderful reminder that learning need never stop, congratulations to Dr. Sudhir Sarnobat for having

    achieved proficiency in the Chinese language HSK2 exam.

    And our heartiest congratulations go to Varsha and Arpan on their beautiful wedding of 24

    th May 2015 [see below].

    Please do continue to send us your and other members’ achievement stories!

    Executive Committee 2014/15 Dr. Rawindaran Nair Dr. Kishore Kale Dr. Nagaraj Rao Dr. Rajesh Tewary Dr. Sudhir Sarnobat Mr. Vivek Kumar Ms. Nisha Rawindaran

    Executive Committee 2012/13

    Mr. Rajkumar Kadaba Dr. Rawindaran Nair Dr. Nagaraj Rao Mrs. Chetna Sinha Mrs. Mamta Tewary

    Executive Committee 2010/11

    Dr. Alokmoy Sinha Mr. Rajkumar Kadaba Mr. Sudhir Sinha Mrs. Suchitra Das Mahapatra

    Celebrating Bhaktidham’s young achievers

    Dedicated Bhaktidham young members, celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi

    Congratulations to Varsha and Arpan on their wedding Bhaktidham members on Indian Independence Day



    Events 2016

    Vasanth Panchami 12 February

    Maha Sivaratri 7 March

    Holi 24 March

    Ram Navami 15 April

    Independence Day 15 August

    Janmastami 25 August

    Ganesh Chaturti 5 September

    Durga Pooja 7-11 October

    Diwali 30 October

    New Year’s Eve 31 December

    Pooja and Lunch Every Sunday

    We left for a beautiful experience as a group from Cardiff on the tour of Europe from 1


    to 4 th

    May, 2015. Our tour included Brussels, Holland, Germany and Luxembourg. On the morning of the first day, Friday 1

    st May,

    we left Cardiff by coach to Dover port, to board the ferry for the French port of Calais. On reaching Calais, we drove along the coast of France and proceeded into the famous European city of Brussels where we visited the Grand Place, the Mannekin Pis statue and the Atomium. The mini reproduction of Brussels’s Grand Place is one of the more expensive models. Here we saw the “model of Mini Europe”, which highlighted miniature- sized monuments from European cities such as, among others, the Eiffel tower of Paris, Big Ben of London, the Grand Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Madrid and the Tower of Pisa in Italy. The Mannekin Pis statue in a different part of the city, is a small bronze fountain sculpture depicting a naked little boy urinating into the fountain's basin and which bears a cultural significance. One story has it that in the 14th century, Brussels was under siege by a foreign power. The city had held its ground for some time, so the attackers conceived of a plan to place explosive charges at the city walls. A little boy named Julianske happened to be spying on them as they were preparing. He urinated on the burning fuse and thus saved the city. Well, it is up to you to believe it or not! The Atomium, on the other hand, is a huge metalic structure which stands 102 meters tall and with nine 18 meters diameter stainless steel-clad spheres connected to the stand, so that the whole forms the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal, magnified 165 billion times. For many of us particularly the children, were quite tired already and remembering that, we started the journey at around 2am on

    the 1 st of May. We were then driven to an

    Indian restaurant to have a hearty meal after which we were driven to our hotel in Amsterdam, arriving late in the evening and ready for a good rest. The following day, we were driven along the flat landscape of Holland, passing spectacular sights of the windmills in this region. The treat of the day included a cheese-making and clog-making demonstration for which appeared to be a truly unique experience, once again for many of us in the group. We were provided with lunch at an Indian restaurant and then headed for our next highlight of the day, which was the visit to the world famous “Keukenhof” Tulip Gardens also known as the Garden of Europe, which is situated in Lisse, in the Netherlands. The colourful floral displays make up for the unique and captivating experiences that you can imagine! We were all so overwhelmed by the spectacle of colours and the whole setting and experience. You have to experience the absolute drama that lingers within “Keukenhof”. Thanks once again to the organisers. Another special treat was the canal cruise in Amsterdam, through the city’s complex system of waterways. This was simply the most relaxing and fun way to discover the most beautiful spots and buildings. Most of all, there was a commentary of the experience in various languages offered to all guests/tourists during the cruise. Amsterdam is also one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world, with bike paths and bike racks and several guarded bike storage garages. At the end

    Events 2015

    Vasanth Panchami 24 January

    Maha Sivaratri 17 February

    Holi 6 March

    Rama Navami 28 March

    Independence Day 15 August

    Janmastami 5 September

    Ganesh Chaturti 19 September

    Durga Pooja 18-22 October

    Diwali 11 November

    New Year’s Eve 31 December

    Pooja and Lunch Every Sunday

    A tour of Europe by Sheila Nair

    Bhakthidham Trip to Europe


    2016: THE YEAR AHEAD



    of this day, we were again provided with wonderful Indian food at a local restaurant here in Amsterdam. We had a good rest at the same hotel. We were also told earlier that we needed to be r