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Beyonce Crazy In Love
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  • 1. Beyonce Crazy In Love

2. Music Video This type of music video is a conceptual one This video opens with Beyonce walking down a road, this is done by using a tracking shot along with medium close ups, long shots and close ups. As the video progresses there are many jump cuts of Beyonce from one place to another. There is about four to five different locations with various settings i.e. her in the car, her on a platform etc.... The camerawork in this video varies from a wide range of, camera shots, camera angles, camera movements, and camera composition. Beyonce changes her costume five times, and all five costumes expose parts of her body, and a lot of her skin especially her legs which are emphasised by wearing heels, as this is a convention for most female R&B artists, as the heels elongate their legs, which makes them appear more desirable. The use of bright colours and dancers along with choreography is another convention of R&B songs, Low Angle shot Tracking Shot Close Up Shot Two Shot Panning Shot Wide Shot Long Shot 3. CD (Album Cover) This is the album cover for Beyonces album dangerously in love. On this cover there is a sky blue back drop, which is used as the background. The artist looks rather glamorous with a striking sex appeal, this is a a convention of female R&B artists as her clothing is very minimal, showing off her stomach. The upper part of her costume looks like its been created out of jewellery and diamonds, the glamorous look is reinforced through the diamond earrings she is wearing. Her make up portrays her as goddess and emphasises her sexuality through her make up. The title of the album dangerously in love, is in a white sans- serif font, and the font of the artists name Beyonce is larger than the title, this shows that she is a well known popular artist, her name is her brand identity. The back of the album cover is consistent with the front of the cover, i.e. the colours and costume, the only difference is that the artist is posed differently, showing more of the back of her body. The tracks are listed along with her record label and a barcode. 4. Website Beyonces official website, is designed with her latest album I AMSASHA FIERCE and automatically plays tracks of her latest album. There is a lot incorporated on her website, such as viewing; news & blog, events, music, photos, videos, extras , press, bio, fashion, films, buy, timeline, forums, join and login. This websites shows that this artist is more than a artist but a successful entrepreneur, her website not only promotes just her music, but other businesses that she is involved with, such as acting, modelling, creating her own perfume and clothing line. You can also purchase her music off the website, with links to iTunes, Amazon, WAL*MART etc Beyonces perfume, which is also advertised on her website also indicates the artists sexuality as the perfume is called heat, targeted at females to smell more sexual. This is another form of synergy.