Beyonce - Pretty Hurts

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Beyonce - Pretty Hurts watch?v=LXXQLa-5n5w Yasmin & Ellie
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Transcript of Beyonce - Pretty Hurts

Beyonce - Pretty Hurts

Beyonce - Pretty Hurts & Ellie


This video also breaks the convention of a stereotypical music video because Beyonc is singing without backing music.

It breaks conventions because there is very little lip syncing and a lot of it is a telling of a story rather than a song being sang to the audience.

This doesnt break the convention of the video having a narrative which is related to the song that she is singing.

It breaks the convention of most music videos as there are no men in it, and woman are not objectified by men.

Mise en sceneThe clothes and makeup is very sparkly and glitzy which relates to the video about being pretty, therefore supporting the convention of women being superior. Dark lighting on the men but bright on Beyonc showing she is growing and good and they are not as they are judging the women.

CameraClose ups supporting the convention of music videos. Long shots to show the background, setting and propsShots are not very focused always a slight move in them Shallow focus shots to focus on one markZooming out to show the fading perspective of what men have of women.

EditingJump cuts back and fourth to different scenes to show the dysfunction that they feelSlow motion when knocking over the trophies to show the power and emotion women have